8th Old Lumens Challenge is CLOSED !!!

Last weekend to finalize your builds

After several months of being stupid busy I actually got some time to myself. 2 days in fact. So like a right git I wasted the first day doing stuff all…. but today I made the effort to do something hobby related….

Still in the thick of building it but at least i’ve made a start. I don’t have a deadline like some of you folks :wink: :smiley:

Can’t see your pic, pinkpanda

Edit: it’s showing up for me now

Image appears for me….

My hopes are still high

Please count me in in Hand Made category.

I made a mess and seems to be a game over but technically I still have a few hours to finish it right?

My modified flashlight is now finished. I will call it the DDH ML778SL. Skylight's 8th BLF OL contest entry, modified flashlight [DDH ML778SL FINISHED]

Thanks to everyone who organised this 8th OL contest and to all the nice people on BLF.

It has been an awesome experience to participate in this year’s contest.

Well it’s the final day today, I hope those of you who have not finished have some luck today finding last minute bits, finishing last minute jobs.
Those 3 months shot by lol! I have enjoyed entering, and loved looking through all the entries, we certainly have some imaginative, ingenious people on here - not to mention, kind helpful and encouraging.
Thanks to PP for running it - still unsure what’s going on judging wise? are you sticking to the members of the site deciding or are there some secret judges like last year?

All will be revealed I’m sure. :wink:

Thank you all for entering, that is what keeps this going. :+1:

While I’m finishing my build, I read that the contest is closed. Congrats to the participants who finished their builds/mods!

I’ll still continue my build no matter what. Feel free to put me off the list. It was nice rush days :smiley:

Okay i guess it's time I closed the challenge for this year (2020). I've kinda been poking my nose in but I'm already back at work and back to being stupid busy so I've haven't really been keeping up to date, apologies. I believe there's a last minute entry i need to add to the list - lumenzilla :-)

I will update and start getting things in order tomorrow. If everyone could have a think about the prize list and make a list of first 5 preferences that'll help move things along greatly. I realise there's a couple of TBA prizes listed. A few of the sponsors have responded to me recently but one outstanding that's not responded is Neal. I'll try him again and hope he responds this time since it's the end of the challenge. He's also the contact for a couple of the manufacturers.

Aside from that I hope everyone enjoyed the challenge , participants and viewers alike :-) Goose judging will remain a big secret at least for now.

It was indicated to me this time of year is less busy for some so don't let the creative juices stop here... :-D

Quick! Sneak it in lumenzilla. I'll claim ignorance if anyone asks :-D

? I understood it as the challenge wasn’t over until Jan 5 was over.

Okay, apologies. I have a different interpretation of finish date. In all honesty I'm not fussed over a few hours so have at it :-D

According to my timezone (GMT+7) it’s still Jan 5th at 22.20.
And my build is finished now :slight_smile:

Honestly I’m embarrassed with my final build result and I need a lot more practise to build a good looking and functional flashlight.

And mine is finished too (jan 5th 4.30 pm here)

See here for the last bit of my build:

Love it!

We had a really nice showing this time round. The competition level seems pretty high with so many fantastic builds, especially in the modified lights category. I’ve marveled at every build I’ve opened. :open_mouth:

Well it is officially the 6th here now and nearly time for my bed, I have a busy day of home schooling a 7 and 15 year old tomorrow on their first live streaming lessons! That should be interesting, just hope they don’t ask ‘daddies’ to be on cam answering questions lol!
It was a lot fun entering (and misery sometimes :person_facepalming: ) but is very satisfying when you pull something out your butt that is actually good - and we all definitely achieved that for sure , thank you to PP for organising it all this year, and most of all thank you to those who made some fantastic lights.
It is a big shame so many don’t seem to have made it over the finish line though, hopefully you guys will ace it next year, maybe not leave it so late :wink: it can be a bit of a steep learning curve for sure - but it is also great fun. The main thing is to BANK on things going wrong, and buy double of the things that may go pop - they are usually the cheapest bit too. When thinking how much time and effort these ventures are, buying a spare driver and led are peanuts in comparison to time spent.

It’s supper time here, and I finished, I just need to crush some 4k video through Resolve and upload it all.

My build is done, the video is made, and my build thread is complete. Enjoy.