8th Old Lumens Challenge is CLOSED !!!

While I’m finishing my build, I read that the contest is closed. Congrats to the participants who finished their builds/mods!

I’ll still continue my build no matter what. Feel free to put me off the list. It was nice rush days :smiley:

Okay i guess it's time I closed the challenge for this year (2020). I've kinda been poking my nose in but I'm already back at work and back to being stupid busy so I've haven't really been keeping up to date, apologies. I believe there's a last minute entry i need to add to the list - lumenzilla :-)

I will update and start getting things in order tomorrow. If everyone could have a think about the prize list and make a list of first 5 preferences that'll help move things along greatly. I realise there's a couple of TBA prizes listed. A few of the sponsors have responded to me recently but one outstanding that's not responded is Neal. I'll try him again and hope he responds this time since it's the end of the challenge. He's also the contact for a couple of the manufacturers.

Aside from that I hope everyone enjoyed the challenge , participants and viewers alike :-) Goose judging will remain a big secret at least for now.

It was indicated to me this time of year is less busy for some so don't let the creative juices stop here... :-D

Quick! Sneak it in lumenzilla. I'll claim ignorance if anyone asks :-D

? I understood it as the challenge wasn’t over until Jan 5 was over.

Okay, apologies. I have a different interpretation of finish date. In all honesty I'm not fussed over a few hours so have at it :-D

According to my timezone (GMT+7) it’s still Jan 5th at 22.20.
And my build is finished now :slight_smile:

Honestly I’m embarrassed with my final build result and I need a lot more practise to build a good looking and functional flashlight.

And mine is finished too (jan 5th 4.30 pm here)

See here for the last bit of my build:

Love it!

We had a really nice showing this time round. The competition level seems pretty high with so many fantastic builds, especially in the modified lights category. I’ve marveled at every build I’ve opened. :open_mouth:

Well it is officially the 6th here now and nearly time for my bed, I have a busy day of home schooling a 7 and 15 year old tomorrow on their first live streaming lessons! That should be interesting, just hope they don’t ask ‘daddies’ to be on cam answering questions lol!
It was a lot fun entering (and misery sometimes :person_facepalming: ) but is very satisfying when you pull something out your butt that is actually good - and we all definitely achieved that for sure , thank you to PP for organising it all this year, and most of all thank you to those who made some fantastic lights.
It is a big shame so many don’t seem to have made it over the finish line though, hopefully you guys will ace it next year, maybe not leave it so late :wink: it can be a bit of a steep learning curve for sure - but it is also great fun. The main thing is to BANK on things going wrong, and buy double of the things that may go pop - they are usually the cheapest bit too. When thinking how much time and effort these ventures are, buying a spare driver and led are peanuts in comparison to time spent.

It’s supper time here, and I finished, I just need to crush some 4k video through Resolve and upload it all.

My build is done, the video is made, and my build thread is complete. Enjoy.

Okay I've tried to do some catch up with the latest development and sent some pm's.

Out of respect to sb i won't make any comments here other than to say Joshk's entry is not eligible for a prize.

If you feel the need to voice an opinion please do it via pm to myself. Hopefully that'll keep this thread clean.

PM won’t be any use to you, your disrespectful and prejudiced PM to me landed you on my blocked list.

I did this build to break the ice on a new technology that could add a new dimension of fun to BLF.

Just think where the OL contest be without allowing the outsourcing of PCB manufacturing.

And in response the “but the rules” argument, let me remind readers the competition was opened very prematurely by pinkPanda3310 to cut the head off the pre-competition debate about whether to allow outsourced 3D printing.

I had a Great time building a light for the contest. It has been fun watching everyone’s entry.
My Hope for BLF and the OL contest is for more members to enter the contest and ave fun. :smiley:

I think your build was nice and fun and a new dimension and absolutely worth posting on BLF and I loved reading it, thanks for that. It could break the ice for a new category or it may not, but currently it was not within the rules of the OL competition and I see no reason to fight over that.

I've made time this arvo to do some catch up. Many of you will have pm's.

Without taking sides in the debate that arose I’m going to close this thread for now to prevent arguments. Please PM me if needed. Thanks.

Apologies for the radio silence everyone. Things have been happening behind the scenes though. Prizes have been allocated and I noted that in OP. As time permits (usually my evenings) I will make 1-2 more updates. Thanks for being patient. Also I will open the people's choice award soon. I want to say great job everyone. I personally think the build threads in the challenge is one of the best parts of BLF. Not just the lights but seeing how someone else goes about the challenge of making/modifying a light. Cheers :BEER:

Nice one PP and thank you for hosting it this year. Thank you also to all the donors of the fantastic prizes - we all appreciate it VERY much.
I know the amount of work involved having judged before, sleepless nights (well late ones).

I’m glad to see everyone got their choices for the prizes, and hopefully we can look forward to another one next year.
Thanks also to all of those of you who entered, if we didn’t have entrants, there would be no competition after all. Big clap for all of you! :beer:
It never ceases to amaze me what people think up and produce - and this year is no exception.

Hopefully will see you all again next year - I already (think) I know what I’m doing hehe - may the force be with you……. :wink: