8th Old Lumens Challenge is CLOSED !!!

You will have to change your Username :slight_smile:


LOL, :smiley: true, but remember this year , everything is upside down and sideways. :stuck_out_tongue:
There is a machining project on the table with all the internals ordered and in hand with material ready to be machined. However machine time is a real problem for the time frame, this one is time consuming, so we will nibble on it in pieces until completed, then post afterwards. :wink:

I am trying to understand why only few members are taking part in the challenge and thinking maybe some only have mechanical expertise and other electronics exoerexpe.

Maybe there is an option to allow forum members to participate as a team of 2. One will build the body, and send it to the other member to do the electronics.

What do you think? It may create friendship among members


I’m not sure if my project is ok with any category:

- I took Courui D01 head + reflector

- Made thicker pill

- Removed 0,5mm from reflector to get better focus for XHP35HI

- Replaced glass lens with thicker one

- Made ‘underwater’ body on my small lathe

- Made a custom driver (piezo switch + attiny85 providing fast pwm to some simple ebay driver)

- Made a waterproof plug to use with separate battery(4s3p)

  • Took it 63m(206feet) under water and it survived, I still use it for my deep diving in cold dark water.

It’s not simple mod, nor 100% made from scratch…
I have some pictures/yt movies.
Am I qualified to compete?

Hi Mieciu. Yes your build qualifies for the 'Modified Category'. You'll need to make a thread for it and show as much as you can how you built it. It looks very interesting and I'm looking forward to seeing more

I do think this is a good idea. I said something similar in this thread . However it was also pointed out to me that if the persons already interested in the comp decided to team up in pairs then it’s possible to get even less entries than we currently get. It also begs the question (if we introduce this new category) why have the limit of only one entry per person? Personally i think anything that can entice more overall people to get involved can only be a good thing. However it has also previously been mentioned to me that some people are wary (or possibly even embarrassed) to enter if they know the other participants are ‘too good’.

It’s a fine line to try and open up the restrictions whilst still keeping the home hack interested in having a go… Anyone who has an opinion one way or the other I would like to hear it :beer:

Started new thread - will upload more pictures/movies later :slight_smile:

I also have 1 underwater project - made from scratch without using any of existing flashlight parts.
Can I submit new thread in ‘Machine Made’? category

EDIT#2 - I’ve just red about only one single build limit in this contest….

I am in for machine build . Parts are ordered. Now to remember how to start a thread .

I will join. Hand made. trying to create a theme.

Great! Looking forward to it

OP has been updated with an end date. 5th of January seemed like a good fit.

Great! Your thread was added to the list

I’ll be joining the modded category!

I’ve created a thread. Here’s the link!


I would like to say i’m keeping on top of things and encouraging all the contestants but i’ve been a little busy with work lately. Aside from fathers day last week i haven’t even had any time to work on my own stuff.

But the good news is there’s still plenty of time to enter :partying_face: So if you’re thinking about it… make the commitment. Everyone will appreciate what you bring to the table :beer:

Here is my entry topic for the OL contest, modified flashlight category: Skylight's 8th BLF OL contest entry, modified flashlight [DDH ML778SL FINISHED]

I’m still doing some brainstorming and experiments to see which host and parts I will use.

That's the spirit :)

I have a project in mind, but I am not sure if it will be feasible to make it in time (personal time and shipping time). In case I enter, it will be to handmade category. But, again, it is something I will be able to tell in some weeks .

Meanwhile, good luck to all contestants :wink:

Despite having all the parts for my build (as well as for at least 9 other mods that I can think of), I don’t think I’ll be making any progress until like December at this rate. But, I am still hopeful I’ll be able to finish!

Yeah , I got my parts , but I keep changing my mind what I want to attempt. I’m glad we have till January.


Anyone need some inspiration? Check out the huge list of home made flashlights on youtube

MtnDon and YuvalS have finished their builds. Well done guys 

I hope everyone has their parts ordered.