8th old lumens contest trophy

I have been thinking that for the 8th old lumens contest maybe a trophy light for each category would be good idea. This could be a collaborated built during the year by one or more volunteers to a set group of parameters.
For example the prestige of having a trophy light for the hand made category with influence from crx, mtndon, gchart and that other crazy bloke who built a light at the bus stop :wink: would be cool. I would be willing to contribute work for a machine made category.

Main parameters would be size probably
Hand made would be materials it must have exposed timber metal aparts.
machine made the light has to have seperate battery compartment, light engine and lens reflector housing.

So what do people think?

Interesting idea, though I’m not sure how a collaboration like that would be done. Such logistics are not my strong point.

Going back a few years DBSAR made a replica of the build that won him the 2nd annual contest, for the winner of the third annual contest. Something along that thought could be a possibility too, maybe. I believe that was simply added into the “pot” full of prizes to choose from. I’m not at all sure who picked it; if was a first or a later selection. I do remember thinking it was a cool prize, but that was before I entered my first contest.

It has been suggested before during a chat, by me and there was interest - I think sb was in on it, but I can’t remember for sure. You are right, it would be nice I agree.
At that point it was going to be a keep forever 3d printed flashlight shaped affair (maybe) trophy with the winners name etc on it. So it would be cheap easy, but a nice item.

It would have been a keep forever rather than a pass on, because at some point it’s either not going to be sent or get lost etc.

I would suggest logistics/postage price wise, if you were going to do such a thing, or the blf was, it should be of the small flat size , or something flat packed you can assemble into an object that stands. Or maybe something that fits in an international large letter package? (plaque or something) i dunno just brainstorming. :smiley:

There is also the issue (which is easy to forget) of who is going to organise it every year and make sure new ones are complete and ready to send etc etc etc. It’s sounds easy, but it won’t be.
I won’t speak for him obviously but I’m not sure whether CRX is up for another year lol……… he loves it of course (I think :disguised_face: ), but it’s a LOT of work, and quite time consuming. I’m not sure people were queueing up to do it this year, I may be wrong though.

Talking about the 8th Old Lumens/ BLF Contest makes my head hurt! :laughing:

It is a nice idea of specially made or modded trophy lights but the logistics of it would make it very difficult I think.
The contest organization itself this year has taken hundreds of hours of work behind the scenes simply to get it to where members see it now, plus many hours of collaboration between some good guys on the forum and that is still continuing even now setting things up for the contestants.
We are not paid in any way for our time or efforts except being able to enjoy your build threads.
I am not complaining at all as I have enjoyed doing it for you guys this year :+1:

Making such lights would involve a lot of time and cost to individuals plus the other headaches that crop up during the process.
Not to put a downer on your idea but the people who would be willing to take part in this are few and most likely contestants themselves so it would mean doubling or tripling their work, also considering lifes other commitments and limited time.
People weren’t falling over themselves to help with the contest, you can see here how many members stepped up when the asked for assistance on running the 2019 contest.
I had to contact most of the judges and all of the sponsors personally, a lot refused, some didn’t even answer me at all…

If someone like yourself wanted to take care of all the details and organizing of such an add-on that would be great of course. You could try it out when the time comes and see how it goes :+1: