90mm head SST50, 3x 18650s.

Here I found an SST50 flashlight (I don’t actually know much about luminous bulbs), it says 1300 lumens but again I don’t know how bright SST50s are.

But the awesome thing is, is the massive size of the head, which leads me to believe that this may be a new super thrower?

Nice find.
That host body has a lot of potential.

Maybe it was "new" at 2010: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/359

They should do something like this with the XM-L. Budget version, type II anodisation and at 60 bucks. :slight_smile:

100k cd no less!

+1, I would buy it instantly!

And SST-50 has such a nice tint! The other emitters are envious. This is pretty cheap for this light as I’ve seen it going for much higher elsewhere.

I guess I never bothered to search it up because nobody ever talked about such a great host. I’ll edit the title right away.

Just curious, is an XML brighter than an SST-50? And which one throws better?

On paper it is supposed to be able to give out more lumens, but in reality it is not. It is also a bigger sized emitter. So lumens not there, lux not there as well. You might be able to push it to shine in hardcore modded lights though (like the SST-90)


This light was released a long time ago, and the price didn’t drop that much, I kept an eye on it for a while, but that is the thing, it would be great for 1/2 of the price.

Why are sst-50/90 lights so much more expensive than xm-l’s?

I don’t see the benefit, more current to get comparable output, then you get kicked with the initial purchase price :~

A sst-50 costs 30 dollar for just the LED.

Ok, so where’s the benefit? Unless your really pushing the limits, an xm-l will do a similar job at much lower current draw - longer run time for chosen cell/able to use a cheaper cell.

The only reason I can see for having an sst is so you can say “i’ve got a 9a sst” or am I missing something? :bigsmile:

I’m not being facetious here, just curious.

That is the only reason, but I really want a sst-90 light. :)

The reason the sst50 was highly liked was because before the XML, this was the one of the few single die emitters that ran over 500 lumens at 3 amps and was capable of 5 amps. Similar throw, as it’s only a little larger than the XML but not efficient at lower voltages like the XML. The Sst50 was better than the sscp7 or the MCE in beam shape and output.
Alas it’s outdated now and almost quadrouple the price of an XML.

Me too, just can’t get past the price. :bigsmile: J)

You know how I beat that? I take my P7s and MC-E drop-ins and light them up against a wall and when it is obvious how they aren’t that hard driven (or that much brighter than an R5), I remind myself that an SST-50 drop-in and many other lights with that emitter would put out not much more light. So that helps me wait. lol

I find the price tag sobers me up pretty quick tbh :party:

Get the Elektrolumens ST90. It’s on sale now at $259. Shipping should be cheap since you are in US.

It costs like over 50 bucks to ship here!

i think the best bang for buck sst-90 is the trustfire x6.
its only about $100 and its pretty darn bright.
the tk70 is twice as much, but not twice as bright. not even close.