99.9 Trillion Lumens for Only $9 ?!?!?!

I know, I know, I know…it’s a bullcrap claim. But, for $9 I was like, “Eh, why not?”


Hoping to make this come true?

Watch out, they might have a bit exaggerated. Don’t be surprised if this light only does 40 to 50 trillions of lumens…

They definitely exaggerated!

This light probably only puts out 30 trillion lumens.

"99.9 Trillion Lumens for Only $9"

Yup, and I'm a billionaire...

It’s only 1000 lumens from the front LEDs. The 99T is from the COB on the side. That must get damn hot.

One can dream, right?

So, y’all are saying that I overpaid?

I’d settle for 1 billion real lumens.

Alright…when you blind every single bird in a 1-mile radius, don’t say I didn’t warn you!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

99.9 trillion lumens!

That looks like a new world record - 10 times the previous one.

I’ll have to update Challenge: most ridiculous advertised lumens (current record 99.9 trillion lumens)

This killed me lmao
Did you make this?
This is me talking to anyone and everyone I know.

I didn’t make it its from xkcd:

Bort is just being modest.

He's actually the author of xkcd.com, but he doesn't want anyone on BLF to know.

Yet i get no royalties :cry:

I told you, you write the comics, I get the money.

It's a win win.

Thats not what our contract says

No renegotiations...

My lawyer will see your lawyer in court!

Now keep on writing those comics--I have some expensive stuff to buy myself with "our" money.

(Insert evil laughter here.)

Fortunately i have a gofundme you don’t know about :innocent: