$999 Trustfire charger

Obviously mistake, but funny :)


Well, if you get 20+, it's only $920.

It must be very good

...and, if you order 20, you get 199,800 Mana points! How cool is that? :bigsmile:

I think you get stock in the company too.

Well no-one said this was the BudgetChargerForum, did they.....................

Constant charge voltage: 2.1V (+-1%)

Good news is it won't overcharge batteries... just buyers. :)


It is not the first misstake on Manafont this week. There was a Fenix headlight (HP 11 R5) for 37,5 dollar, i ordered one, payed it via Paypal, and the next day they refunded that money without a decent explanation.

Now it is back, but it is more expensive http://www.manafont.com/product_info.php/fenix-hp11-r5-led-277-lumen-ipx6-head-light-p-7326 . I don't think i will buy one for that price, i will be looking for something more "low budget", because i won't use it very much (but sometimes it could be handy).

I was looking for that yesterday on Manafont , guess they posted it after I looked but at $999 , wonder if it was meant to be $19.99 ????

If it's not a mistake, it's likely that MF doesn't have the true pricing set down yet, but they know they can get the chargers. Likely just a placeholder.

No, it's the cost curve they teach in business school. They might get less customers with a higher price, but they only have to sell a few to earn the same profit. :bigsmile:

they fixed it. It now reads $18.99