A 85mm Q5 AAA/10440 Zoomie. Didn't know one even existed.

Been looking around a lot lately at AAA keyring sized lights. I had no idea that a keyring sized, Q5 AAA/10440 zoomie even existed. I guess we all live and learn.

And now, I am 7 bucks poorer... ;)

That looks pretty interesting. Have you received it yet it hansi22?

Q5 at $7???? maybe Q3?

Yea. The Q5 part made me that much more interested. But I guess there’s not much of a way to tell even if someone purchases it, right?

I received mine a couple of days ago and it sucks :( AAA it is not very bright. With 3.7V AAA LiIons it is very bright indeed and the zoom works nicely, however, after about 10s runtime the light becomes very dim. Apparently it has very poor heat management. Do not buy.

OMFG! 10secs at 104400 ((((((((

Well at least it didn't die or blow up (I think?)

Could be a worn out 10440, too. These cells break very easily from higher currents.

LED Lenser P3 is a zooming, aaa light but not 10440 capable.


I have one and mine works fine on a AAA, not super bright, but pretty reasonable on a single AAA.

I only have the grey 10440's and whenI use one of those it draws a rediculous current, 1.5-2amps I think and runs for 5-10 secs and then cuts out. I presume it is the batt that can not cope as when I put back in a fresh alkaline it still works so nothing is fried.

I was looking for a 12mm driver for it so I could mode to about 0.7-1amp on a 10440 but so far have not found one at easy access.