A battery organizer for AA/AAA only

Greetings, Humans!

I always have plenty of AA and AAA Batteries on hand and I would like to store them differently than in their 4x or 8x packaging.

I would like to have some organizer like this: 11.79€ 48% OFF|Batterie Lagerung Organizer Halter mit Tester Batterie Caddy Rack Fall Box Halter Einschließlich Batterie Checker Für AAA AA C D 9V|Batterie-Aufbewahrungsboxen| - AliExpress - just without everything than the holes for AA and AAA-cells.
I already have a Battery-Tester and I don’t use 9V, C or D-Cells.

If it would be something that could be mounted to a wall, that would be even better - but I can’t even find anything that is even close to what I want.

Do you have any Idea, where I could buy something like that?

Thank you very much.