A big discount for a classical Romisen flashlights on Dinodirect

Hello Everyone,

This is Yoki from www.dinodirect.com and a big promotion is beginning for a classical Romisen flashlights on our site now.

You can get 30% discount for this classicial Romisen flashlights now, so this is the best chance for your the collect what you like.

Pls review this classicial Romisen RC-T6 6*(CREE Q3) 3 Mode 1500 Lumens LED Flashlight(4*CR123A/2*18650):


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I'm real interested in purchasing a Romisen RC-T6 after seeing the beam shots Don did here

What's not adding up in my limited knowledge as a noob in the flashlight addiction is how the above advertised light can claim 1500 lumens with the Cree Q3 when This Q4 version is claiming only 500 Lumens and This Q5 version is claiming 1600 lumens

All I know is that I have got to have the Romisen RC-T6 light Don used in his Beamshot Shootout

The manufactures web site claims up to above 1000 lumens with the Q3.....

The TR 1600 6 q5 from KD http://www.kaidomain.com/product/details.S010021 is cheaper even with the discount. I note the original dd price is 208.00 lol.Try again

Any beamshots of this TR1600 T6 Q5?

Don gave me the link to the light he used in the above photo and it is now listed as a Q4 version that claims to be only 500 lumens. Yet the one he used tested out at 619 Lumens Makes you wonder if you will get the same light as the one he actually got back when they first started selling these.