A BLF Swap Shop - would anyone be interested?

When I were a lad…. there was this programme called Multicolour Swap Shop - I loved it and it seemed to work well……

As per the title, would work best in your own region (postage wise) but of course could also work worldwide. Needn’t be restricted to lights?
I never know how much to charge if I ever decide to sell a light, but maybe it would be interesting to swap - maybe more than once?
I just thought I’d throw the idea out there to see if anyone was really interested? It MAY even be a bit of fun……… :smiley:
Anyway, was just an idea lol! let me know what you think!

Reserved………just in case.

IIRC, this has been done before here. Some amount of members usually show interest at first, and some swaps and/or sales are performed. Then, the thread falls off the radar and nobody bothers to keep it up. I think it turns out to be so much easier for folks to start their own WTS or WTB threads after all.

Shipping costs also factor in, I’m sure. I think it would be nice if some of the members who do group buys and specials would use their negotiating skills to get us a generic BLF discount on ‘peer-to-peer’ shipping, especially if it could be used worldwide. Anybody want to take that up? :smiley:

I must be old, I had to look up IIRC! :person_facepalming:
I did think that - about it falling off the radar, it’s already slipping lol!

The sad thing is I look up IIRC regularly .

You’re not alone…

The ones that get me are things like ISWYM, ICYMI and ISWYDT. Too many letters, basically…

On the swap shop subject, I have noticed that some of the WTS threads offer the option of money or a swap for a different light the seller wants to try. Maybe that’s the way to go more generally. Name your cash selling price and say that you’d swap for a given light or something like it as an alternative.

anyone know what smh means? lets not spread it around that i don’t know

smh = Shaking My Head