A bunch of new 18650 Ultrafires with XM-L at DX

This is a good trend, the price is going down for XM-Ls. Most of these are around $20 or less.


None of them make enormous lumen claims. Wonder how much light they actually produce?

It would seem to me that they've not just thrown P7/.MC-E drivers at all of these lights - maybe some more conservative design for heat management.

It just seems odd seeing only mildly inflated or maybe even honest lumen claims.

Yeah, if the current draw is right which it could easily be then their lumen rating can't be far of being correct...most odd.

There's a couple of new XP-E torches on DX as well today that look rather intresting.

SMILE SUN CX-181 - really deep reflector on this and rather nice to look at too. I think that's a "manufacturer", I read it as Small Sun the first few times I looked.

I don't remember having seen the body for the UltraFire 9021 before either.

I am really liking that uniquefire g10 actually!

I don't think there are such things yet as XP-E R5's so the Uniquefire is presumably an XP-G. The quoted drive current means it shouldn't get too hot either. I'm not keen on the styling myself but it does sound like a good light.

I'm not too fond of the styling either, and I also wish it had a low mode. That's why I didn't bother to post it. :)

Sure, very nice deep reflector and SMO.

Imagine this one with a XM-LCool

Should it be possible to build in a XM-L emitter?

<AOL>Me too.</AOL> :)

I wish they'd just sell the thing as a regular flashlight - you know, without any accessories and the box. I realize that's where the profit is and I (and many others) have been over the box vs. no box thing with DX countless times (just ask flashin) but all the bundled stuff and the associated increase in price pretty much kills this one for me.

Maybe they are monitoring us and read my post about the importance of accuracy and reliability of specs?

Well, just in case I'd like to add: I'll be waiting for a budget 3-mode XM-L without blinking/strobe that accepts both 1x18650 and 2xCr123A before I buy any more lights!

What about the Brinyte xml 900 - 2 18650's. Who has ordered it http://www.dealextreme.com/p/brinyte-xml-900-cree-xml-t6-5-mode-6700k-900lm-white-led-flashlight-2-18650-55028

That's sort of my problem at the moment. I'm finding it rather difficult to convince my self to buy anything that doesn't have an XM-L in it, it's just soo much more light for almost no extra.

I've been thinking the same thing. I want xml in all my new purchases.

More XML´s today


http://www.dealextreme.com/p/ultrafire-wf-502b-xm-lt6-5-mode-510-lumen-memory-white-led-flashlight-with-clip-1-18650-55238?r=43033281 (5 mode version, instead of the 1 mode version of the other day)