A Chinese Army version of the BLF GT?...............

First thing I thought when I saw the photo was……

“Ok, who in the HELL would attach a collimated lens BLF GT to a……???”


Then I thought………ENDERMAN!!! (Think Seinfeld and “NEWMAN!!!”)

Anyway I thought the guy’s (Automatic Choke) post @ 22:09 on 7/2/18 was most interesting where he talks about entendue, industrial IR Collimation, etc.

When they start coming out with those Acebeam laser flashlights I think I’ll start wearing welding glasses 24/7.



Can confirm, a collimated GT burns stuff.

Gads!!! You BLF GT guyz are dangerous!!!

:)) :beer:

MF-09R, too.

When reading the title, I thought there’s a new version of GT with camo paint. My bad :FACEPALM:

I saw that pic yesterday on zerohedge and the BLF GT was my first thought lol