A couple of issues.

2 things I've noticed:

The first is an ongoing thing for months. When clicking on a comment link from a large thread (300+ replies, might have to do with one's replies per page settings) the comment link will instead link directly to the OP. This happens on Desktop/Mobile Chrome/Firefox/Safari.

The second is a recent development. Clicking on a thread with new replies (specifically the "# new" link) will instead show several comments up from the new comments. This tends to happen on threads with a lot of pictures. A similar thing happens when scrolling before the page loaded, but this new development happens regardless of loaded/scrolling or not. The new development also happens on Desktop/Mobile Chrome/Firefox/Safari.

Not pressing issues, just some minor things.

I just tried the 2nd thing, with a thread with about 270+ posts and with 2 new posts, and it took me exactly to the 2nd to the last post.

  1. comment links are soo unreliable - I now post the post# and try to just link the thread -- that's it. Sure wish that could be corrected somehow.
  2. What happen to me on more than one computer is the "new" draws a blank page, but records the new posts as read. I'm avoiding new links now, just going to the thread and clicking on the new post count from the OP. Hope this can be fixed? Been happening for a while now...

If someone edits their post, it gets flagged as new, so when you click the new posts link, it sends you to the edited post instead of the new, unread posts that you want to see.

Oops, forgot to mention that as well, it’s not the new marked edits.

It(#2) seems to happen much more frequently on desktop. I just ran into it twice within a few minutes. Once on Ric’s brass AA/18650 thread and I can’t recall the other thread. Neither of the posts that were directed at when “# new” was clicked, were actually marked as “new”… Maybe they are edited posts that are somehow not being labeled as new?

I would like to go to the latest reply whenever I go to a thread whether there are new comments or not.

I've seen in many times in the Deal alert thread

It's another reason why I want to shoot affiliate linkers

Seems like they are always editing their posts ...OR ??? intentionally editing their posts to drive traffic to their post / link .

I really like how edited posts get bumped.