A Few Lights & Batteries For Sale (Olight Ti, Astrolux, Thorfire, Convoy, etc.) - Reduced.

Hi all,

I have the following lights and batteries available for sale (pics below):


  • Olight TC10/TC15 titanium EDC set. Refinished to remove logos on head. Heat-treat finish on the tubes & tail-caps. Factory XP-G2 S2 NW w/ 3-mode UI and reverse clicky. Includes both 16340 & 14500 bodies, 2 wand diffusers, case, etc. $68 shipped.
  • Astrolux SC Copper (same as BLF/Kronos X5 Cu). XP-L HI in 3B tint. Custom patina finish and upgraded green O-rings. Comes with original box, clip, and accessories. $50 shipped.
  • Thorfire C8s Updated. Brand new w/ blacked out logos (acid etched, not a sharpie job). Includes (2x) Sanyo UR18650RX 20A 18650 batteries. $28 shipped.
  • Thorfire VG-10. Brand new. Includes (2x) Sanyo UR18650RX 20A 18650 batteries. $25 shipped.
  • Thorfire TG06. 1x14500/AA EDC light with XP-G2 emitter, forward clicky, & 3-mode UI. Includes (2x) Thorfire 14500 protected batteries. $22 shipped.
  • Convoy S3. 1x18560 tube light with XM-L2 U4 1B emitter & 3-mode 8*7135 driver (2.8A), Black. Includes (1x) Sanyo high-drain 18650. $22 shipped.
  • Solarforce original L2 (CR123/RCR123/16340 batteries) w/ XM-L2 drop-in, upgraded tail cap, head, strike bezel, & GITD switch cover. $22 shipped.


  • Basen IMR 26650 battery. High-drain cell rated at: 3.7v, 4500mAh, & 40A continuous/60A pulse. Brand new, guaranteed genuine. $10 shipped.
  • KeepPower 18650 protected batteries (2-pack w/ case). PN: 1835J, 3500mAh, 2015 version (Sanyo NCR18650GA cells). Brand new, guaranteed genuine. $25 shipped.
  • Sanyo UR18650RX 18650 batteries (10-pack). Pulled from new battery packs. High-drain cells rated at: 3.6v, 2050mAh, & 20A with MR of: ≤22 mΩ. Guaranteed genuine. $40 shipped.
  • LG Chem LGABC21865 "C2" 18650 batteries (6-pack). Laptop pulls. These are higher voltage cells rated at 3.75v (charge to 4.35v), 2800mAh, & 5.4A. Guaranteed genuine. $25 shipped.
  • Samsung SDI ICR18650-28A 18650 batteries (6-pack). Laptop pulls. These are higher voltage cells rated at 3.75v (charge to 4.35v), 2800mAh, & 5.6A. Guaranteed genuine. $25 shipped.
  • Sony Fukushima STG US18650GR G4 18650 batteries (8-pack). Laptop pulls. Rated at 3.7v, 1960mAh, & 4.4A. Guaranteed genuine. $15 shipped.
  • Sony Fukushima STG US18650GR G5 18650 batteries (8-pack). Laptop pulls. Rated at 3.7v, 2200mAh, & 4.4A. Guaranteed genuine. $18 shipped.

Pictures of most stuff available upon request. Prices are firm and would be net to me, via PayPal or USPS money order. $-)

Stuff I might consider taking in trade:

  • EagleTac D25A & D25C Titanium (2015 version, XP-L HI), or D25Cvn.
  • Noctigon M43 Meteor or M43vn.
  • Acebeam K70 or K70vn.
  • Thrunite TN36-UT,or TN36UTvn.
  • Sinner Tri-EDC (Cu or Ti).
  • Mac Tri-EDC (Cu or Ti).
  • McGizmo Haiku & McLux/LunaSol/PD-S.
  • Reylight Ti Triple Nichia 219C.
  • Maratac (Cu) AA, & CR123 lights.
  • Sunwayman V10R Ti / C25C Ti / M25c Ti.
  • Convoy M1 (host or interesting build).
  • Convoy S2+, blue (host or interesting build).
  • Solarforce L2M, L2N, L2C, L2X, or L2P (blue).
  • Shadow/Roche VG-10/F8.
  • Astrolux S1 (5a tint), S2 (3b tint), & SS (3b tint).
  • Interesting P60 drop-ins (triples, quads, P60vn, VoB, PflexPro, Sportac, TorchLAB, etc.).


Olight TC10/TC15 Titanium:

Astrolux SC:

Astrolux S41:

Thorfire VG10:

Thorfire TG06:

Batteries & Miscellaneous Stuff:

Dassum purrdy lookin lights. GLWS

Added a couple things…

I’d like that Niteye

PM sent! :beer:

EDIT: He passed on it. Niteye still available (FYI it has the absolute lowest moonlight/firefly settings of any light I’ve ever owned).

What are the couple of added things ? Do you have pics of the Convoy S3 , S4 and Thorfire TG06 ?

Will you ship International?
If yes, what would be the price of item 1?

Pics added above. :THUMBS-UP:

Yep, PM sent. :THUMBS-UP:

Very nice offers.

PM sent

I’ll buy this one -

Convoy S4. 1x18560 tube light with de-domed XM-L2 U2 1A emitter & 3-mode 8*7135 driver (2.8A). Stainless bezel & clip w/ heat-treat finish. $17 shipped.


Updated ad/pics.

bigshoe83 - PM replied.
nbjly - PM sent.


On this:
:black_medium_small_square:Custom titanium P60. Fireworm F1 host that was refinished to remove logos on head and tube (back to polished Ti), then heat-anodized. Sportac triple-XP-G2 NW drop-in, w/ AR lens, blue GITD gasket, etc. Takes 18650s and also come with a sleeve to use CR123a/RCR123 batteries. Includes original box and accessories. $140 shipped (or $110 shipped for the bare host).”

Is it taken as per the PM to Jame Y?

If not, I’m interested in the host only. Would that be everything mentioned except the Sportac drop-in?

As per PM, I’ll take the Fireworm P60 host.