A Few Lights & Batteries For Sale (Olight Ti, Astrolux, Thorfire, Convoy, etc.) - Reduced.


Also, just put the M11r Ti up on fleabay: Sunwayman M11R Titanium



interested in the Astrolux S41 quad-Nichia 219b 1x18350 or 1x18360 (both tubes included). Custom finish on the head. Comes with original box and accessories. $50 shipped.

Should that be 18350 and 18650? And what is done to the head? Pictures?

Doh! Yes, it comes with 1x 18350 tube & 1x 18650 tube (typo fixed). The head and logos on the bezel have been blacked-out so only the inner area of the fins shows through.
Also, this is the updated version with the recessed area for the MCPCB screws and nylon washers. Will get some pics up shortly. Thanks!

Sounds good, I’ll take it pending picture of condition.

Pics uploaded above. PM for payment info if it passes inspection. 8^)

I’ll take the Sportac XP-G2 triple P60 drop-in, latest 2-mode version (low/hi). $34 shipped.

Just send email to lenz32ATgmail.com with your Paypal addy and I’ll send the funds.

Sounds good. Email sent. :beer:

PM Sent.

PM sent