A few new Kaidomain cheapies


This one looks reasonably attractive for $5.48. I have seen an even cheaper flashlight design that appears similar to this one, called the SmallSun ZY-C575, but I'm kind of turned off by the head design, which appears to unscrew right below the reflector, leaving the emitter and the board still stuck to the body tube and apart from that the head with a hole through the reflector. However this new one from KD doesn't show the light unassembled, so who knows if it has the same design. It does appear to have an upgraded endcap with orange switch boot. Can anybody discern from the blurry picture what kind of LED this has? It almost appears to be something more than the typical generic glowing epoxy that is common in this price range. Could it possibly be a Cree or OSRAM?


Then there's the generic zooming 1xAA light that many of us already own. Who wants to bet that it does NOT have an SSC P4 emitter as KD tries to suggest?

When i downloaded the pic of the first one and hit it with some brutal unsharp masking, it still turned into pixel porridge when I tried to look at the LED. The die area seems to me to be too big for an Osram but it is possible that it is one of the ringless Cree ones - it almost certainly isn't an XR-E. At the price it might be an XP-C or XP-E.

An SSC P4 is probably very cheap nowadays, especially if it is one of the lower brightness bins, S or T. It is entirely possible that both contain an SSC P4 - they are going to be cheaper than Cree LEDs

The led of the first one looks very much like a generic chinese 3w emitter.

I have the latter one and I dont think its a P4. Im not very knowledgeable in the different ledtypes,

but when this is zoomed fully in it looks like two quares which shares one corner and

which corner has a small cut. Have not seen that in any of my Cree lights.

The first one looks really nice. A pity one can not see the specs.

That sounds like an Osram LED if it looks like this.

I think that the first has really a SSC P4 (90 lumens max.)

The second has a Nichia K1 or cheap clone (about 20-25 lumens max.)

And the last may be a Osram Golden Dragon or like has my Black-Cat, a O.G.D. Plus.

Hard to say without image...But if only shares a corner, bet on the first.

Right on the button there Don. Its a Osram then. Very tiny little led. The light is OK, but not very bright.

Have thought about it. Got this from Ebay, not from KD so they might have changed the led to a P4. I

would not vouch much for that though.

I also own the zoomable light, bought it off eBay, and mine is definitely an OSRAM. Mine is actually quite bright and has a very nice beam. But I wondered if maybe they changed the LED on the KD version. But as Nautic says, I would suspect that it's the same as all the others and KD has made a typo.