A few of my recent purchases...

I've been busy stimulating the economy ...


Stimulating indeed. Nice collection there.

chinese economy!! u need to buy made in usa stuff :stuck_out_tongue: anyway we going over the fiscal cliff so the prices of these torchs might go down sell it all to me cheap now! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice collection. KartRacer31 may I ask what light is the blue one lower left corner? It caught my attention.


Nice collection!! You’ve been busy!! It’s so fun looking forward to seeing what’s in the mailbox when you get home… :wink:

Thanks, it’s amazing what you can do late at night with a few beers and the internet! LOL

Too true! But are any lights actually made in the USA anymore? Mag lites are - and I do own a bunch of them… all modded with Chinese parts - LOL

Stay tuned if you want to buy some of these lights cheap - I’ll be having an online garage sale here on BLF soon. I need to trim down my collection - I haven’t counted lately, but I think it has swelled to 400+ lights again.

Thanks :slight_smile: The blue one caught my eye as well, which lead me to buying it. LOL


Here is the link to it on DX, which is where I bought it from. I think it is a nock off of a SUREFIRE. It has in intense hot spot and throws really well.

Is that a magnetic ring or is just designed to look like one?

No, HOT WATER… as in what I will be in if my wife figures out how much all these lights cost! LOL

Agreed! And I figured WTF it’s Christmas time - might as well treat myself to some new toys! :slight_smile:

My wife actually bought me the TK45 - which is a light I wanted for a while, but never pulled the trigger on. Glad I got it, it is a really nice light and reminded me why I like Fenix lights so much. Actually it pushed me to pull the trigger on getting a TK75 as well :slight_smile:

It’s got the same body style like my Jetbeam RRT2 but with a bigger head. Doesn’t look like a functional control ring?

Just designed to look like one, but it does spin.

Yes, you are right it was the JETBEAM I was thinking about not a SUREFIRE - thanks for pointing that out.

Right on!! You will love the TK75 it’s one of my favorites now.