A few words about the n̶e̶w̶ AliExpress site overhaul, and more :-/

> I cannot open the second link

Remember they’re behind the Great Firewall.
Enemies everywhere.

Hi Barkuti, could you do me a favor and just put the link to the pictures that have explicit language? Thanks!

Fixed sb56637.

Cheers ^:)

Well, you could just order from another site (ebay for instance), they usually have the same products, prices are not very different in general (and they are often the same sellers)

I don’t think they are going to modify their site just for the 0.05% of users complaining :smiling_imp:

You can leave the steamroller roll flat over you, or do something. I prefer the latter.

Where do you get your little green gay mojeees from?

Come off it Mister Dent you can’t win you know! Look, there’s no point in lying down in the path of progress!

I’ve gone off the idea of progress. It’s overrated!

Mostly from this site Nev: https://www.worldofugly.de/

Cheers :-)

Fankoo, how do you get the little buggers to stick to the forum?


Cheers big ears.

Don Quixote!

It seems they were not content enough already, now they have to pester with the @#$%ing stupid bot. It was well laid at the right border without being intrusive, but shite happened.

Had to do something. When you click/tap on Help -> Customer Service on the main page, you are taken to this page where you will find a place to leave feedback at the bottom in a Suggestion button:

Piece of shit shite renewal they did, do they know how to make a good site?

At this moment the (javascript?) code they use for filtering the search results is failing abroad in my browser, nothing works it doesn't even loads new pages.

How STUPID was this shite renewal; sorry, had to let some steam out of the boiler. :-|

Their phone app won’t work with iOS 7, it demands I buy a newer iPhone, but fortunately I have an even older iPod with the old still working Ali app.
But they keep pestering me to update that one. It’s like “get our new app so you will lose the ability to use our site on your old phone”

Duh. If they only realized that their customers provide the only quality control/quality assurance they have, and acknowledged that everything they roll out, including flashlights, is in beta test mode for the first few hundred customers.

I just noticed another thing.

If you don’t confirm a package receipt Ali used to say “Confirmation timeout” or something similar.
Now they say “Confirmation received”. :person_facepalming:
Take care to track all shipments yourselves or Ali will get you screwed. :person_facepalming:

Letting some more steam coming out of the boiler, I just submitted two new suggestions to the AliExpress team:

I was honestly going to be waay }) more gross, but I decided to temper myself somewhat.