A flashlight to surpass the Imalent MS18 in power?

Exactly this. You can't get much bigger before it will be tough to justify refering to it as a flashlight.

Ya yep maybe a shoulder mounted light and a 20 pound backpack with the batteries

BRB, hooking up my car battery to my 1M lumen “flash” light.

I’ve posted this before but if anyone is interested: you can watch the Hacksmith build a 1.4 million lumen “flashlight.” It’s more like a 55 gallon trashcan with 300+ XHP 70.2 emitters though.

Yeah, definitely doesn't qualify as a flashlight.

i would guess that someone who needs that many lumens (in what pattern?) seldom ALSO needs it to be portable too

for one thing, the batteries would not be very portable

how many 18650s would that take?

household bulbs are 600 lumens for 9 watts

75 lumens per watt

1000000/75 is 13000 watts
at 4 volts, 3333 A
at 20 A/ cell, 3333/20 = 166 18650 cells

it;s just hard to see who would put up with that, and why couldn;t it also be done from AC power?
even that is hard to see
it would take 59A a 240V

108 A at 110v
7 regular AC outlets


We may be at the point of diminishing returns. How much of a lumen increase would you need to see a significant difference? 150,000? 200,000?

Maybe the new Cree XHP70.3 and XHP50.3 are enough motivation for Imalent to come out with replacements for the MS18 and R90TS. A company never wants to stop putting out new products. Time will tell.

Loved it when manufacturers were at ultimate lumen war.

If lights get too crazy they are going to get regulated and then lawmakers will probably throw out the baby with the bathwater like they usually do. Get ready for half of your flashlights to be illegal some day. :person_facepalming:

Ha not my problem. I’ll buy what I want regardless. Rocking a 6 watt blue pocket laser and a 1 watt green

You know what it’ll take? Some [r] Senator’s kid blinds himself with an LED flashlight and that guy gets a bee in his bonnet to pass Federal legislation to consider LED’s beyond a certain # of lumens requiring special licensing. “Professionals only,” not average citizen hobbyists. :person_facepalming:
Of course, it’ll mean makers are significantly restricted in how they sell, causing many to drop out of the game… leaving just a few to monopolize. It’ll fuel a cottage industry of DIY hobbyists, well beyond anything we’d have imagined. “Illegal home hacked LED flashlights!” :partying_face:

I think it's unlikely that there would ever be any legislation in the US limiting the use of high powered flashlights. Not at our current technology. They're just not disruptive enough and pose no threat to anyone. Even if you had an MS18 in each hand, all you could really do is annoy people.

It’s funny you say that. I’d never do this to someone of course but you have to wonder if getting blasted in the face by an MS18 on turbo from 6 feet away would do permanent eye damage

My wishes are simpler.
Just 100k lumens throwing a mile for 1 hour in 95 degrees heat without getting warm.
It would help if I can carry it in my pocket comfortably. Let’s say less than 100mm x 30mm.
The proverbial 50 cal with a hundred rounds mag in an ankle holster. No recoil. Good luck.

Well, with people getting into trouble for shining lasers at planes I get nervous. Lights are close enough to lasers that they might get included in a laser law that is written too vaguely.

I do want some laws about car headlights though. Tired of being blasted in the face with the power of 1000 suns at night!

I would prefer to have a 50,000 lumen light that works properly than an unreliable 100,000+ light.

I love that idea. A law limiting the brightness of headlights (or making them like 4300K) would be easily enforced too

Oh man an MS18 in each hand…. How sweet would that be

LEP is very close to laser… and could end up regulated. But it may be a few years before that happens. I agree about car headlights. There should be mandatory self leveling tech to make sure they don’t cause glare for cars traveling in front or oncoming. Also, trucks who run their aux LED bank in the front of their truck instead of the OEM headlights… that should be a serious fine. I don’t see them deterred much at all.

You're basically comparing a foam battering ram (MS18) to a bullet (laser). All of the light energy from a laser is concentrated to a tiny point, which can instantly damage cells in eyes, exactly the opposite of how a massive flooder emits it's light output.

There are laws about car headlights. Most people are simply not aware of them and they're loosely enforced. Ask the inspector about your headlights next time you get a state inspection on your vehicle...actually, don't if you've swapped out the bulbs with anything other than what came from the factory. You won't pass inspection.