A Friend Needs a Hidden Mode light Like a P60...

…with hidden modes. One mode would work, but I don’t think he realizes that any lengthy task working with law enforcement in dark settings would require lower modes for extended runs. Are there any among the well-known or lesser brands with hidden modes? Boss is picky about being able to quickly and easily (and repeatedly) click on a light to have the same light output at hand for when he works concerts. XM-Ls are preferred.

Look at this one .

I don't think those are hidden modes. I think if you wanted hidden modes, you would have to have someone program the driver for that. Most everything I see is either on/off or more than one mode in the main menu hi/med/low.

It would be easier if he could learn modes or just get the single mode light. Solarforce are very good lights.

Excellent! Looks to be perfect.

Do you have this light? How’s the tint and throw?

I do not own a Blaze , several members here do though , and if I wasn't such a tint snob , I would own one .

I have heard only praise for this light here , and I like doing business with Shiningbeam .

A quick search here produced a lot of information ...

And it's on clearance right now ...

Would recommend dual switch or something similar to Blaze. Dunno you will find those in P60 though :expressionless:

I have this and it is an excellent light. You will enjoy it.

I’m confused. What UI are you trying to get and what does the P60 standard have to do with it?

For lights with hidden modes, I’m interpreting it as lights with separated modes. You tighten the head for high then loosen the head for low, medium, etc. there are plenty of this type of light out there. Jetbeam comes to mind here. Another interface that I really like is found on the ThruNite T30 (and probably a few other models from them) where it’s a single mode light where every time you turn the light on its the same mode so you can signal with it, but, the mode can be changed by turning the light on then loosening the head and tightening it again. This will cycle through high, medium, and low. Leaving the head tight locks the mode in and no manner of fast or slow clicking will change it.

For P60 drop-ins with hidden modes, the only thing I can think of is the Dereelight 2MT drop-ins meant to be used with their lights. With this drop-in loosening the head gives you a typical three mode light while tightening the head gives you high only. A Pelican M6 or the now discontinued Pentagonlight lights can be modified to work with these pills, if my understanding of how they work is correct.