A laymans look at the BLF GT (proto) aka giggles.

I posted this in the GT thread but due to the heavy traffic of that thread it sank quick.

And an image posted a few pages earlier in the same thread, this is a proto with a short battery tube that as far as I know will not be produced, the short tube that is.

MRsDNF did a terrific job on his review of this proto here and I have not seen anything to disagree with him, if you have not read his review I would recommend you do :smiley:

With the short tube the balance is horrible, my giggling other half had to use two hands to hold it level and I had to use some force to pry it out of those hands when we finished taking the photo’s, she is 5 foot and I am 6 foot but still :wink:

In the photo with the small pier in it you can see the waves at ~700m, they were more visible by eye than in the photo so I would say 750m would be the practical limit, you would have trouble telling the difference between a skinny bush and a person at that distance even in daylight, and 1000m absolute limit even for a large white target with a black background, the last photo shows that at 350m you get a usable beam that would easily show a person if there was one there :person_facepalming:

Nearly forgot, there was that much cloud the moon light was non-existent, pitch black, just right for beam shots :sunglasses:

Cheers David


Good to read we were right about the balance, thanks for clearing that up!

Do you have any nice throwing lights for some comparison?

A Courui D01 with a xp-g2 is the best thrower I have besides the proto, I never even thought to take it with me for a comparison, will have to go out with them both as soon as my daughter goes into respite for a couple of nights, weather permitting :innocent:
I will also measure the amps at the tail of the Courui because I can’t remember :weary:

Cheers David

Nice, used one the other night, holds so nice.

The width of the illuminated spot is much larger than I anticipated!
That’s great that this isn’t just a laser beam.
Thanks for the beam shots; I’m more excited than ever now!

Agreed, me too. I’ve got some pretty powerful “pencil beam” throwers and while they’re fun to play with and show off, they’re not terribly useful. I like a big fat beam :slight_smile: This one looks like it has the width and the reach. That’s an awesome combo.

Yeah emarked, a lot of posts were about why not a small die 3V led
This is why.
So nice to see why, same as the whole balance thing.
Always neat to see theory come to life.

Police blotter: 10:43pm Domestic disturbance. Couple fighting over whose turn it is to use flashlight named “Giggles”. :person_facepalming:


Thanks for the write up pommie and good to see you didn’t get washed or blown away.

Wind, what wind,

I wonder when that waterfall finally made it to the sea.

You can see why I wasn’t game to set up the tripod :slight_smile:

Cheers David

We really are on the upside down part of the world. :+1:

Good thing the GT isn’t popular yet among the general public or we’d have a riot being reported :smiley:

Managed to get out for some GT Proto beam shots last night, there was a half moon, ‘sky glow’ from the city only 7~8km away plus the lights on the pier so a real life situation.
First the map for distance

Then for the control shot, played with the settings until I got close to what my eye was seeing.

Now the beam shot, using the same settings as the control shot.

Just to show that it really was getting there, a crop at 100% of both images

Sorry no comparison shots as it started to rain and I got out of there while I was still dry :smiley:

Cheers David

I am so bummed to not sit behind the PC right now :wink:
Already looks good!

Hey Pommie, could you do a wall shot or something at somewhere between 5 to 100 meters with a tape measure across the hotspot? Would really like to know the angle at which the beam diverges.

Tomorrow night, off to bed now as it is 02:33 local time :weary:

Cheers David

Wow. Nice picture pommie. :slight_smile: