A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.. Single mode / Direct Driving ZY-C10 help please

This is only my second topic and ive never modded before so please stick with me.

Id like to convert my newly acquired SmallSun to single mode. After some perusing of google and here I see the options appear to be direct drive or modding the driver with a bridge?

Im gleaning info from



and the DD info from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cr6uEMARdZ0

I havent pulled the light apart yet so am unsure what driver is in it, but to quote a review “a generic POS”

Could someone please tell me the best method for converting this please? I can follow all the above bar the resistance and adding wire?

No one?

Maybe pull it apart and post some pics? It would help others with experience know what you’re working with.

At it’s essence, direct drive is no driver - battery positive to led + and battery negative to led - pad. This can lead to blown led if resistance is too little.

Resistance can be the specific cell used, resistors in line, cheap springs, very thin wire. Maybe think of it as a restriction inside a water hose.

Knowing how much is one-off elec engineering calcs for some, trial and error learning for me; maybe experience for others.