A mod too far

So i set out today to build some long anticipated triples for an x6 and x7 host. I ended up screwing up the x6 somehow. I think i have a short somewhere. I am using the mtn fet w/ guppy drive. The light either does 100% or ml/100%. No clue what i did… Maybe i got copper dust from drilling the mcpcb? I tried resoldering the led a few times and same exact result.

So the x7 went better. Slammed in a triple xpl V6 and mtn fet with bistro. Then managed to ruin the switch being careless with iron.

So lucky for me the x6 switch went into the x7 and i was off.

Got like 2500 lumens out of the x7 with a not-so-fully charged battery. I’m excited to see tomorrow if i break 3000 lumens with it.

Looks like I’m tearing down that x6 tomorrow to try to solve that problem. I’d say odds are my screwup rather than a bad driver.

Just glad i managed to salvage the x7 so i had something to show for my work

This may be something you already checked but………

It sounds like you are in the Moon light and 100% (with memory) user configured setting to me which would be setting number 16.

You did make sure you have the light set in the mode group you want?

If not the instructions for setting the groups is down below the driver listing on the same page as the driver , with the numbers of each mode group beside the corresponding number…………

Guppydrv ​Instructions
To switch mode groups: rapidly tap the switch 8 times, the light will then enter the programming mode and begin to flash. With the light in programming mode, tap the switch the same number of times as your desired mode group. The light will blink and your mode group will be memorized.

Example: To select mode group 3, tap the switch 8 times quickly to enter programming mode. As soon as the light enters programming mode and beings flashing, tap the switch three times. The light will blink to recognize the mode group change.

To set the turbo timer: rapidly tap the switch 8 times, the light will then enter the programming mode and begin to flash. With the light in programming mode, tap the switch 30 times to enter the turbo timer set mode. The light will then switch to 100% power. When the light is at the desired temperature for the turbo step down, turn the light off. The turbo timer will then be set. The turbo timer steps the light down to 50% regardless of the mode group set.

Another thing it may be is a short at the spot you drilled the mcpcb. I always bevel the top egde of that hole and do a continuity check to make sure that top layer isn’t shorting with the copper base.

I have a x7 host on the way and will be ordering a spacer soon. Did you use spacers from kiriba-ru?

I love the x6 triples I’ve made and am hoping the x7 tunes out just as nice.

I don’t think it’s a short. How is your switch is it bypassed? It’s some thing simple like the switch or retaining ring or mode selection.

Continuity check is all good. But… I’m going to do some file work on that hole. Perhaps that is it.

The x7 is a much easier build. The mcpcb fits nice and you have more room in the head to work with.

Yes i used kiriba-ru for spacers. The x7 is a perfect snug fit

I just swapped out the switch with an untouched host. Still does it.

It won’t go into programming mode.

It sounds like your LED negative is shorted to the flashlight body. But did you check that?