A Monster in the Making


A monster is on the horizon. Its workings are now coming to life.

The intention is not to bring out picnic photos of a light in the creek bed when it is finished to make you try and appreciate how good it looks. I would like you to look at the makings of a light, a light that has been enduring literal years of my R&D work, and hope the appreciation is earned through the ideas and pressures of making it a production reality that is truly unique. This is my pinnacle venture into a light creation meant to do big things. After all, it’s a darn big light. :wink:

I hope that one of the lights I am making will help to establish some new standards, and redefine what the word “powerful” represents when a light can still be held in hand—not mounted on a truck. Call it “unconventional” from a marketing standpoint to release these notions before completion. It is fair to say that secrets unkept are sometimes a disadvantage. This is a light I have a hard time keeping a secret about.

Have a look at what has begun, please. For this is how I feel a monster should rise. For me, this would be the making of Bugatti’s Veyron conceptualized in the land of flashlights.

I surely couldn’t do all of the work alone throughout this project. This takes a collaboration of minds. But my mind, is propelling the project, and drove me toward this extensive idea. Hopefully, that turns the project into something your mind will agree with when it is over. :stuck_out_tongue:

As it starts;

In the beginning, MEM created the pill and the driver.

Then, the sacrificial front lens was created (which will be used on the more advanced “Pinnacle” model of the light). These are for the people who use the lights in actual (heavy) duties, and do not want to have to worry about harming the glass aspheric lens. The sacrificial lens is much cheaper to replace. Yet it is still made with a quality VIS spectrum, multi AR-coated design with strict production tolerances.

The driver itself, seen here while still in prototype form next to a factory 50mm driver, is being made with brute power output abilities. :wink:

Well this is intriguing…

Does that mean what ever you are making could one day be commercially available? Or did I misunderstand?

I’m assuming we’ll see something available for purchase here in the near future? Interesting post nonetheless.

A must keep an eye on!

Bugatti’s Veyron conceptualized in the land of flashlights. huh?

The Big Bugatti has 14 radiators and goes faster than an F1 Racer.

In the Flashlight world I would think that this is Phase Transition Air Cooling System Utilizing a Water Sub-Cooler for Chilling Liquid Refrigerant, and developed a new cell chemestry (maybe one of those we read about once and then disappears) (so really this is a battery breakthrough) with a standard light attached.


This is puffery?

you decide.

Subscribed. This should be epic. MEM, good luck in your adventure.

Thick copper plate, looks like 50 to 60 mm across and 10 mm thick at the base maybe a triple XHP70 monster flooder?

Where does that pill screw on to?

Like the precision and cleanliness of the cuts you made in that pill, what kind of Lathe are you using?

When do we get more info? Nice machining.

Interesting and even more mysterious than usual.

Guys this is MEM, i think we can be pretty sure this is for an advanced aspheric thrower of some kind, because he have at least so far shown little interest in XHP70 mega flooders :wink:

This are high quality stuffs! Triple dedomed XHP70 for the emitter selection perhaps?

Need more info!!

What a tease.


Can’t wait to see more!


i am sure i want!

MEM Von Tease would have been a fitting BLF handle.

This seems to be the project you talked about some time ago? Intriguing…

They choose the the gearing in an F1 car to give the quickest lap time though not max speed’s. :wink:

I get what you’re saying about the Veyron, driving one would be a dream come true. Built to beat everything else, an amazing car. :wink:

where is your kickstarter page so i can bake whatever you build?

i am sure a lot guys here will help with the funds :wink: