A New 1xAA/1x14500 light with Side Switch (Stepless Version Added)


it’s only 3.4 inches long, it’s a beaut!

Looks nice. I wonder if the strobe mode is hidden..

No tail switch! Pity! I prefer to have 2 switches, and not only a side switch.. the reason why I sold my Sunwayman C15A and my Olight S15!

wtf glenn is that you on the picture?look younger than your previous picture :open_mouth:

Yep that's me from 2 years ago. I only post the good ones which are getting harder to take at my age. lol

yes: D
already in contact with Ric about this light, it won’t be “Palight” for a long time, also modes will be redone.
I can tell more but then I would have to kill all of you :smiley: lol

The pic and name makes me think it's a slightly better olight. Maybe it's the programmer in me. Replace "o" with "p", but barely so, so it's just "pa".

I like that like the olight S15 is has a lanyard hole that allows it to sit flat. The lack of a tail clickie isn't a big deal to me so long as it has tailcap lockout, and it'd be better if it had electronic lockout too. Of course I don't care about any of that if it doesn't have a good low mode and UI.

That $25 price is very attractive. I'll consider getting one to carry instead of my RRT01 when I can expect it to get sandy...control rings and sand don't get along well.

25 dollars seems pricey for an aa light ?

Ordered one :slight_smile:


a little bit since I bought a Roche f12 for 16 dollars


Fyi, the Shenzen price doesn't include the cost of shipping.

Unfortunately smaller flashlights doesn't mean smaller price. I only want to compare apples to apples. What other flashlights use a smaller 14500 or 16340 AND commonly available alkaline battery sizes, are side clickie or control ring, have anodized threads, and costs $25 or less with shipping? I'll even be generous and expand that to $35. The closest I can think of is the oLight S15 and Zebralight H52, which both cost a lot more.

I like it except for the clip. I hate head up carries. It looks like it may be possible to place the clip at the other end head down. I hope so.

You can send me the clip if u dont like it :stuck_out_tongue: shipping is 1,10$ for normal, and a tad less than 4$ for tracked.

now that’s an attractive price, but can u be sure about the emitter, Cree L2?

Compared to a 3W police $ 2 light it is, but compared to a Zebralight 52 or some others its a good price. ( and it will depend on the UI is has. if it has all the blinkies in the main mode, siezure-inducing PWM, no mode memory, etc then its not worth it.

as leaftye mentioned, that price does NOT include shipping (no, there is no free shipping at shenzhen) and they ofter insist on DHL or FedEX so you can imagine how much will that end up costing…

Mine was shipped today. Now lets wait for April :smiley: