A new gem for DIY: the DSO-TC2

I found out about the DSO-TC2. It looks like a very useful product for around $30~$50.

It can test resistors and transistors with its component tester. It cannot do capacitors. It is a function generator, it makes PWM signals. It is an 200mhz ossiliscope, although I heard it is able to do slightly more.
It seems like it could be useful for some who want to test their non SMD components and see. I bought one and haven't gotten it yet. This looks a bit like an upgraded DSO150, a DIY kit ossiliscope.

Here is a review video.


If you don't know what these specs means you can skip this post, I wanted to post it here before elsewhere, its a newish product, so I wanted my flashlight loving friends to see it first in case you guys wanted it and it goes OOS. There are not many reviews and I think the price may go up as its cheaper than the DSO150 that it replaces. I am very excited to get mine, I have wanted one as a kid and this will help me do things I wanted to do since I was little, and if you like electronics and want to compliment your kaiweets multimeter this is a good choice.

Thank you for sharing! I think it is amazing how some manufacturers can come up with such a useful product at a low cost, it looks great for hobbyists!

I bought it from eBay for about roughly $23 from fake sellers, don't buy from them. This is a single channel device and there might be better ones since a lot are coming out now. I'll order another one, I found out you can use your computer or phone's audio channel as a scope too, provided you have a headphone jack. ;)

Heres one on android. I think you can add a protector to it too.