A new member to this forum!!

Hello Everybody, :smiley:

This is Zhang Wei from China. I’m newbie here. Happy to be members of the forum. I hope we will have great time here. and I’ll try to contribute to forum develop more. I’m positively looking forward to the forum and its members, hope all will guide, share and help me to increase my knowledge. Nice to meet you…

Best Regards,
Zhang Wei

Welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome to BLF!


We are pleased to have you here.

Nice to have you here. The forum getting more and more members worldwide :)

Welcome to BLF! I am experiencing deja vu as I write this; I’m sure I have welcomed markholland before. :~

It's a pleasure to have you onboard, markholland!

Hello ZW and welcome!

Is your family name the first one or the second one? I have no idea about Chinese names. Basically, are you Zhang or Wei?

Have fun here. I do!

Welcome to BLF! You'll love being here! :)

Welcome to BLF

Hello and welcome from another new member :slight_smile:

Hello zhang wei…welcome to BLF man…Hi-5 finally a chinese :bigsmile: