A new way to ship?

While most vendors have a hard time getting our stuff to us in 7-10 days, Amazon is working on doing it in 30 minutes.

Jeff Bezos says maybe in 5 years.

Saw that during 60minutes or w\e.

Won’t be available for 10+ years probably, and even then at super limited availability if it doesn’t fall through before then… It did look extremely neat though. :slight_smile:

So what will prevent someone from puting, lets say, a firecracker on that thing, on its way back? This is never gonna work :slight_smile:

And let’s not forget perhaps the biggest barrier here: COST. How much is it going to cost to get 30 minute delivery with this thing? Something tells me it’s not going to be cheap. Are you REALLY prepared to pay $50 to have a $20 pack of Eneloops delivered?

Not to mention bad weather, u only get ur packages on a sunny day :smiley:

LOL ! Seriously its impossible to get it working correctly, computer will get lost and hit objects, winds will put it down, easy to shoot down with rocks, easy to steal the drone/package, etc…
Only can be useful inside bureau/house as a gadget for lazy people.

The future is Vactrain transport, NY to LA in 30 minutes. :bigsmile:

Maybe I can start a new hobby, drone hunting! All you need is a rifle, and an internet connected device to make the orders. ( of course, you’ll receive a refund later, as your package will never arrive… Well, only if you are a good hunter, extra motivation )

It could be great if they did courier work as well.

They're going to need swappable batteries to keep these airborne.

Cost is a practical barrier, but the biggest challenge is getting permits and getting this to fly safe routes. It will need to know how to avoid powerlines, helicopters, and other drones. It will also need to know how to recognize water so it doesn't drop of packages in pools, fountains and ponds...but how will it handle rain?? It would add to the cost, but they'll probably be better off having humans control it when it's about to drop down and deliver a package.

Arm them, make them hunter/killer/delivery drones, that will also make them more useful during labor disputes, and protect them from the competition.

For this comment, and those about stealing the drones, let's remember that this is coming out in 2015. It will have cameras and stream video and gps info back to Amazon.

For the required accuracy it'll need to be differential GPS - which isn't cheap. And somehow I can't see the military giving Amazon the undegraded signals so differential hardware would have to be the order of the day. An error of more than a metre or so would mean my junkie neighbours would have whatever it was on eBay before I got home. Actually an error of 0cm if I wasn't at home would have the same effect...

I work in a psychiatric hospital - deliveries by air will never reach me. There are 300 poor and highly motivated patients who will do just about anything for money. And the last time I looked there were no holes in the roof. And if there were, I'd be on the phone to Estates in about the 2 seconds it takes to call the Helldesk.

And the bandwidth costs of suitable monitoring aren't going to be cheap either.

Just how much will an Amazon drone jammer cost? Even if you won't be able to buy one on Amazon.

Will they carry Lithium cells? :bigsmile:

That'd be required if it were fully automated. I don't see why it would or could be, especially at rollout. I could see full automation to get it into the delivery area at a higher altitude and have it hover there until control can be passed off to a pilot for lower elevation operation.

Yes it would. Everything about this is expensive though. I can't see them making enough money if most of the half hour delivery time is flight time. That wouldn't allow a drone to make many deliveries. Maybe if roundtrip flight time was 10 minutes...

One thing I'm trying to keep in mind is that Amazon operated for many years before they made a profit, and they've recently shown that they'll cut their profits to near nothing in order to make long term capital investments. They might be doing the same thing with this program. If anyone would subsidize a program like this for many years in hopes of it becoming profitable, it'd be Amazon. I also expect that they'll strong arm UPS, Fedex or USPS to partner with them. If this was a couple months ago, I'd laugh at the idea of USPS hopping on board, but not after they recently announced a Sunday delivery program for Amazon.

Solution to the problems with other people seeing the drone and stealing your shipments:

Amazon mail drop chute built into your house like a chimney. :slight_smile:

I think this is a publicity stunt, it has no failsafe and is too easy to damage
Also i doubt they would allow it to operate in American airspace

I would expect Ryanair to get permission to remove toilets from their planes before this would ever be allowed

I wonder if they could do more of a mothership thing. The delivery van drives down the street slowly while quad(octo) copters buzz between the van and the doorsteps in a 2 block radius. Van carries the deliveries for the whole route and handles recharging, delivery bots remove the need to stop and drop.

Amazon prime customers get a cheap little wireless beacon/mat to put next to their door where they want the delivery to be put.

A drone carrier. The UPS Enterprise. I like this idea.

I think I’ll just wait until they perfect the idea before I want it flying around my kids. By that time teleportation will make it obsolete anyway. :smiley:

Delivery, the aerial frontier, the UPS Enterprise’s continuing mission, to deliver new packages, to generate repeat business, to boldly deliver parcels, cheaper then the lowest bidder

That won’t ever be a problem, because anyoner spending that extra $$$$ for a 30 minute delivery package will be sitting on his porch awaiting on it; otherwise you’d use next day or 2nd day air.