A place to call home

Hey guys i finally have a set place to do mods and reviews its in a shed so it has no power but if need be i can just run a extension cable and i have a 500 watt halogen floodlight i think i will set up a solar lighting system when i can afford too.
I have a electric solder but that gas one is a beast heats up so much faster then the electric my usual situation was a fold out bench and i had to set up all tools and equipment so happy :smiley: for now i will keep one set of equipment outside in the shed and another in the house my better stuff stays inside some water does leak into the shed!
Oh and red-backs was so many spider in there and heaps of red-backs they seem to love sheds as long as their is no funnel-webs i don’t mind the garden spiders seems to be a Sydney thing my families sheds also get red-backs but i sprayed the whole shed with outdoor spider spray lungs are still sore.

I guess most people already have a set area where they work. so for me now its either there or my computer desk that is full of stuff.

I just modded a Hugsby XP1 so easy with stuff just laying around now just a matter of time till that bench is full of clutter.



looks really cool, a nice place to carry out projects and mods. Currently I use my desk where all the other items are (laptop, screens, phone, …) so something like this is desirable!

Nice place!

Looks like my shed, but I get ants and mould.

Ants don’t like wd40 so that applied to the joins keeps them out, and
the mould gets into that mdf benchtop even after painting.

As long as you have some music to listen to. :wink:

It can be therapeutic to tinker on with things.

I think he has a lot of scorpions , redbacks and snakes there too! 8^) Nice hideaway! :THUMBS-UP:

Looks you’re all set up for a bit of (de)stressing fiddling around in a quiet place of your own.
It shure is more relaxing when you don’t have to unpack and later clean up your tools every time you want to spend a bit of time on your hobby. And when you are getting my age (with scorpions, redbacks and snakes around?) nothing beats a good light on your handywork.

That’s a sweet little shed!

we have snakes in the area but not at my house red belly black snakes and brown snakes two very venomous snakes are common in the area but now most of the horse paddocks are gone and houses are up.
I have never seen a scorpion apparently in the outback we have them but not in the city i don’t even know if they are native to Australia. I am sure every one gets spiders in there sheds.

Looks good! Much neater than my work bench. Now all you need is a cooler for the cold beers.

Love a man cave !
And great that your blue chair calling card made a guest appearance - just how many did you flog from that school hall ?

Hahahaha i don’t know where they came from my mum works for the Marist brothers so i think they gave her the chairs and some how ended up at my house as spare chairs i had folding chairs from bunnings but they all broke after a year i had gaming nights playing mario kart and super smash on the wii u and some times it get heated lol I love those folding chairs no matter how old i get i can use them wrestling style on my brothers!

Quote: EDSG

“but i sprayed the whole shed with outdoor spider spray lungs are still sore”.

OUCH :!!!: :open_mouth:

You should hang some pictures of bare flashlights on the wall })

That’s a great working table.

Great little place to escape to. Like the workbench. Look forward to vids from the shed.

Good for you. Though you really have to know when not to inhale

— bug spray has longterm cumulative effects besides the immediate pain.
We’re only learning now about problems caused decades ago.

Apropos lungs and lifetime —- I recommend a few feet, er, a meter of corrugated flexible “dryer exhaust” hose (aluminum, or plastic with a wire spring coil to hold it open).
Add a decently powerful computer box fan the same diameter, set up to exhaust to the outside, and a switch.

The older the computer junk box, the more powerful the exhaust fans you’ll find, from when desktop boxes were room heaters.

That lets you swing a little ‘hood’ (like half a plastic gallon jug for example) over your soldering area to carry the fumes out.
Pull it over the work, do the work, swing it out of the way

And also to carry away the fumes from cleaning —
As RMM reminds us, right after soldering, always clean the soldered area with isopropyl alcohol, so the bits of spattered crap don’t later on eat up the dome of the LED when it gets hot…

:smiley: Good one.

Second thing Google returns when searching ‘redback’ and just another reason I don’t want to visit Australia.

Yea that happen not to far away from me. it must be coastal thing. But apparently you should be okay if bitten unless you have other problems to start with. The Sydney funnel Web is the spider you watch out for.

I use to work as telecommunications technician and I used solder always and we where never warned about the dangers.

Redbacks and snakes don’t get on, so as long as you keep your snake tucked in , you’ll be fine !

And if you do get bitten there…… Is sucking on the bite zone still an approved first aid treatment any more ?