A Pocast episode + LEDs

The Amphour is an electronic podcast, guest is Mike Harrison of Mike’s Electric Stuff, he does LED installations.
Led strips, they use 12 Bit instead of 8 Bit PWM. RGBW …

I heard only the first part so far and find it interesting

This is his webpage:

The first 30min it’s about LED strips.
At ca. 50min tiny led flasher
Even CRX can’t do it better.
Here is the video

Hmm. A challenge… :smiley:

ready for rumble!

I am sure this is the most cursed three part light ever. A pain to solder.

What I found online and a transcript from the podcast. (I have a hard time to understand Mike)

• it’s a super capacitor (ca. 11 mF), a PIC 10f322 (kinda) microcontroller and one led. Works very short.
• he used not the low voltage version of the pic
• a hand selected LED
• 2 flashes for a millisecond each
• from the podcast
6 lines of code
turn on
turn on
and used the watchdog timer, changed sleep