A question for flashoholics/preppers

Ok, let's say you are a flashoholic, but not not necessarily a prepper (although they are in vogue lately), and the Zombie Apocalypse occurs. Of course you are prepared in terms of having lots of light when the power goes out, that should not be a problem.

But what do you have in your photon collection that you could trade for other goods that you need (things like food and water)? And I'm not talking about a single trade, I'm thinking of it like currency to get what you want.

Has to be cheap (now) so you can stock up

Probably has to run on alkalines, since your charger won't work, and even if it does you won't want to trade it away.

My bet is on the Black Cat Osram. Puts out more light that what most people get from their average household flashlight, in a small package. You could get a dozen of them for $100, and trade each one as a combo with 4 or 5 AA batteries. Your total investment per trade is about $11, could get you stuff you need to survive awhile.

A Sipik Sk68 might be a good choice as well, might be more versatile.

Anyone have any better ideas in terms of stocking up a suppy of torches for the sole purpose of using them to barter with?


If there's no light, a little goes a very long way. And a few hundred of them won't break the bank.

Few tens of single-AA $2 - $4 lights, and huge pack of AA's themselves.

Don, my understanding is that there are good batches of them and really bad batches, any place you can recommend to buy them that you know has decent merchandise?

Also, I'm not sure how much value you would get for a keychain-light, but who knows?

I've never had a dud from DX and I've had hundreds of them from there. I tend to get them a hundred or so at a time.

I've seen them on sale here for around $8 each...

A bunch of those key chain lights that DX and others sell in 10's. They run off of a button cell battery but they are dirt cheap and will help one get around in a small space. Add into the deal some jerky and it makes for a good trade for something of greater $ value that you may need.

Also, tho not photon related, one of the most valuable things you can offer in the Apocalypse is protection...

What I mean is this. You have lighting, ammo, food, alternative means of communication with the outside world, transport, and the ability to provide mobile shelter.

Those that want to barter for your items only have two of those five available to them, you can stand on the platform of roll with us and combine resources or soon be overtaken.

I think the lights are already out somewhere :slight_smile:

You'd need those cheapo wind-up regenerative lights over the long term (with no power and all). Suddenly, they'd become priceless, unlike now where everybody hates them.

Good point, the wind-ups are good for long term, but if the Zombies are coming and you need to wind ur light up to light ur path...

Zombie hears you and knows ur 20...

if no zombies the wind-ups is a good barter item :)

I dont need anything to trade. If my darling wife was by my side (not likely), Zombies would run away.

Not my only weapon... but I stocked up on zombie-hunting squirrels. :)

I predict a serious zombie outbreak through-out the western world beginning in the next 10-20 years.

The Cause? A shortage of energy drinks :p (don't ask me why there is a shortage, there just is ;) )

Not very original of me but factoring in all the criteria mentioned in the OP, I'd have to go with a bunch of the better Sipik clones. Cheap enough to stock up on, and AA batteries seem a bit more plentiful. Also - hate to mention - but in post-apocalyptic armaggedonland anything that could double as a defensive weapon at very short notice would probably be more sought after. A '68 wouldn't be my first choice here, but better than a dinky little Black Cat. Suspect that a lot of those I'd be trading with would feel the same.

Only question for me would be whether to choose 1 mode or 3 mode versions. One mode could be useful for Morse type signalling, perhaps, but 3 mode would have the potentially huge advantage of much longer runtimes. And I'm sure People could invent their own simplified flashing code system. So yeah, I'd probably go with 3 mode Sipiks.

Probably a shortage of the following energy drink: :)

LMAO here.

But seriously, what is a prepper??

EDIT: Never mind - found the ansver with google-fu.

@gcbryan LOL again!

I think the Fenix E01 is ideal. You should never trade cheap crap, people will just get mad at you.

And even trading itself is kind of iffy you could get shot or killed if things really go bad...

LMAO! Tongue Out

At first I thought about BlackCats... But, I would hate to be shot on the head because the flashlight I traded stopped working after a couple of days

Sooo, I will go with bic lighters! They light and they "light" and from what I read elsewhere, they have very high trade value when times are dark.

I’m with you, Joe. Those regen lights would be worth their weight in gold!

Note to self...buy some regen lights...