A question for the experts

I was just looking at this, http://www.kaidomain.com/ProductDetails.aspx?ProductId=10929 . Since the title says 802 - something and the reflector seems to be quite deep, I was thinking: could this have something in common with this, http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.19029 ? I believe to see not a Luxeon, but a cree LED (EZ900?) on the product picture from KD.

I think, the price is interesting for a 18650 hoist with mains and car charger. Even if the LED turns out to be odd, it's maybe still interesting for modding.

What's you opinion?

Personally i dont like the position on which the power switch is located. Do you need the charger and batteries too? You should be getting protected batteries in dual 18650 config for safety concerns and a good charger. The emitter could be junk due to the "generous" bundle, and probably is. Looks quite blue also.

As for aesthetics... its up to you. Modding could require some skills.

Personally i would rather get a body from lightake etc. and a dropin lets say r5 from manafont perhaps. Should be around the same price range but w/o batteries and charger which i suppose are very low quality.

Lastly, KD seems quite disorganized, slow and some said not good when it comes to faulty units. Beware!



Oh, make sure you like the reflector type because is very different from what you wanted.

the HT802 is def a cree led from tthe picture, is a SIDE button (good for LONG flashlights) and comes with a built in charger unit

and the HS-802 is pretty expensive for a budget R2 flashlight,


the HS802 is ALOT shorter, ergo the tactical switch and has MUCH BETTER heat sinking qualities for an upgrade (say MC-E 700 lumen+)

it is also built EXTREMELY well and has a tight reflector (ergo good thrower)

HT802 would be difficult to mod due to the charging circuit, but could be done

the HS802 would be a MUCH better choice if you wanted brighter than an R2 in it, but that may be enough for you

the built in charger unit to me is useless. and those batteries that come with the HT802 just plain SUCK

if your willing to spend the money get the HS802. its a GREAT flashlight from what i hear and i wish i could own one

as for batteries, good budget batteries


and charger


those batteries, quality varies, so be ready to maybe get some crappy ones, but some come out QUITE capable.

i have ordered a bunch of them. if one arrives dead, DX sends you 2 new ones! a big plus in my eyes!

i have that charger and its the best i have, while a bit slow compared to some, its super safe, super smart, and does the trick.

just dont leave it plugged in like ANY chinese charger

if your looking for something with more SPILL and is modable. this is my favorite Bang for the Buck




thats my brightest flashlight right now

and my favorite. i baby it soo much and i dont have to. hits the floor all the time

the reason for the regulator is because the stock one only drew 1.5 amps on high. that one draw 2.8 and puts out a TON of light. can double as a room torchiere! not a thrower, but with that much light who needs it to throw any farther!

I'm not familiar with this kind of flashlight with a build in charger and side clicky. Since I have a lot lights with 18650s, I'm well equipped on that side and actually don't need this one. I only thought it might be interesting price wise, but only if it would have about the same deep reflector, (super-thrower) like the HS802.

honest to god. the best thrower i own, and have ever seen is this one


i have a q5 in it with the amc1050ma driver. until i recently bent my pills (the one that throws has an orange peel reflector, not a smooth)

heres the prebuilt p4 one


also a really good 16430 thrower


while the quality has declined some (cheaper driver, LED is more greenish than previous versions, and reflector no longer screws into head)

its still a great light for the money!!!