A Scratch Build For Fun! Picture Heavy! FINISHED!

We can Thank or Blame MRsDNF fo this posting. This is a little experimental project for me. I don't usually build lights using this exact method. Most have more parts. I have to work on it just when I can so I'm not sure when I'll get to finish it. ... But soon I hope. I'll add images as I finish the project.

I have to say as well, I have a new found respect for Old-Lumens and others that take pictures during a build. Thats tougher than it appears and sure takes away some work flow on a roject. Fun?? Yes... it is!

First, I made a cavity in the body for the pill and reflector. This is tapered and cut as close to tolerance as possible.

Then its time for a trial fit of the pill & lens....

That fits.... Time For Threads!

On Now to make the lens bezel.... Start with a hole and bore it to size...

In order to do this, you cut the back side of the bezel first...this saves a lot of troublesome setup with a tiny piece of material... so, it is bored...then threaded.

OK... it fits...threads on nice, it is now cut off and I use the body for a mandrel to hold the bezel while I cut the front...

The bezel is bored to size so as much of the lens can be seen as possible.

I used those same tools to add a little decoration and character to the bezel... I had to shoot this image seperate...as I forgot to during process!!!

OK... we'll jump ahead here a little... This is getting waaaayyyy to big of a post... So, I added some cuts to the head for asthetics... Again, this is pure fun!

Here it is with the bezel and some extra cuts...

Time now to cut it off of the stock... That little orb you see is a chip... Try running a lathe and snapping a picture!!! (You gotta be Stupid!)

So here are the parts to this point and a closeup or two just for fun....


The Business part!

The side at this point... Not polished at all.... its too early in the game for that.... but I did hit it with a scrubbie a little.

To be continued... It's time to work on the other end now! I'll show some finished shots when I can! I hope you enjoyed seeing part of the process... like I say... blame MRsDNF! It ain't me, I'm not here and I didn't do it!

Have Fun! Dan.

Mmm, loving the flashlight pron. Thanks for taking the extra time to do snaps…

Nice looking light Dan!

Great work!

Just a liiittle bit jealous, I want to have a lathe too…

I miss the times I had access to a lathe (only for wood though)… :frowning:

I'm sitting here a little stunned. What a fantastic looking light. Is it a P60 reflector your using and what battery are you going to run? Once bitten the scrounging for ally starts. Lucky I dont know where you live or I would come around and steal all your tooling when you weren't looking. Not to stop your building lights but I like your tools. Blame me and OL. There are a few others here that are legends i my book that I'm sure we could all put down to blame just a little. Keep up the terrific work and looking forward to the rest.

I love reading detailed DIY threads, and yours is certainly a fine example. I hope you realize that this is just the beginning for you! :wink:


Man this is awesome! Great writeup, super pictures and explanatory notes. And a sweet looking light so far. I want to see it finished!


Awesome work! Hopefully I'll get around to doing that on my lathe sometime :)


Good to see you finally putting up a build here. Nice workCool, and having the tooling sure helps. I'm looking forward to the rest of the story!


Glad you guys are enjoying the process. It's fun to share some of it. Again... BlameOld-Lumens and MRsDNF... they inspired me to put the post up. I make quite a few lights... 6 to 10 a month I guess average, but had never really documented the process... It's enjoyable and sharing makes it more fun! That could get to be a habit worse than the lights!

Thanks for the comments! Dan.

blame whoever you like, just keep the pictures coming! I need the inspiration to remember all the mods I need to do to my lathe sitting out in a very cold garage :slight_smile: V. jealous about the threading though, that really opens up the possibilities!

Same here! I don't even want to touch the thing right now. What lathe did you get?

+1 on this! Great work and I enjoyed the extra explanation of each process. Wonderful!!

Ha! Threading isn't hard, just read some, get a little stock and practice... I recall it being intimidating when I was learning but don't let that get in the way... just do it...and do it...and do it again until you are comfortable making two parts each time screw together... and then it becomes fun. If I can help you just let me know.

Thanks for the comments. Dan.

This was done on a Grizzly G0709 gunsmith lathe. I just got this one a few months back. It's an ok lathe, not sure I'd buy another one from Grizzly...the exact lathe is available from other suppliers that I am SURE are better. The lathe itself is good... the service... welllll.... Thanks. Dan.

Rub It in. You make 6 to 10 a month? Your in serious trouble. I want to see build logs on the other 753 lights you have made. You must off been scrounging ally for years. While I'm at your place knocking your tooling off I'm going through you metal stash. Please let me know when your not going to be at home.Wink

Am I allowed to ask again what reflector and battery your using?


Awesome work. Even though I may never get a chance to run a lathe it is fun to see your progress.

Keep the work and pics coming!

Thats interesting, because in other forums Ive read that CS from Grizzly is one of the most compelling reasons to own one (aside from being a good competitive lathe in its price range).