A short LED flashlight story

I’m currently in the Czech Republic seeing friends and I have this one British friend who came to Czech for work the same time that I originally did back in 2011. He remained here as he now has two beautiful Czech kids, and has been living in a village away from the city. The last time I saw him was just before Christmas 2015 and I bought him the G700 as I wanted him to experience an LED flashlight that is easy to use, runs on commonly available batteries that require no training, and is cheap - I think I paid £7 for same day delivery from Amazon UK.

I saw him yesterday at an event that was being held in the village he lives in. It was a fire display/bonfire type thing. When he saw me the first him AND his partner said to me was how amazing the torch was that I bought ehm. They had had temporary blackouts, needed to search outside in the dark, used it to find things in dark corners, etc. They had no idea how useful having a relatively bright torch - well, to them this torch was very bright. Something to note, they said the G700 was indestructible and they had dropped it from height multiple times and it just kept on working. Maybe some of the G700s claims are not unfounded!

Now, at this fire display event - it was situated in an open field surrounded by trees. This village has very little light pollution being so far away from the city, and the street lights are spaced quite far away from one another - it makes for a very dark environment. So, while my friend was telling me how cool the light I got him was I couldn’t help but show him my new Manker U11. I said to him ‘wait till you see this light’, and proceeded to switch in on to turbo.

You know that sense of alarm and wonderment from people who have no idea how far flashlight technology has come and they see their first ‘real’ torch? It was exactly like this. This Manker was just lighting up such a large area and then some. My friend couldn’t quite believe that this little torch was generating so much light.

I think the next time I’m here I’m going to bring the Klarus G30 and the Nitecore TM16GT.

I noticed the amazment is generally proportional to the power/size ratio of the flashlight, i think i’ll build myself one of those thousands of lumens 1x18650 sleeper hot rod just for the purpose of wowing people, i’ll engrave “attention whore” on it’s side.

I created the logo for you.

That looks very good, i also need a cap with that logo.


The first counterfeit copies are on the boat from China already!


Thank you for the story! This is the kind of wealth that money can’t buy.

As I was reading this I thought for sure is wasn’t going to have a happy ending.
I thought that when they were so impressed with the G700 that they looked it up on the internet, came across the sites for the $75 scam and seduced everyone in the village to order them.

I liked your ending MUCH better.
I can calm down now. :stuck_out_tongue: