A Shower Head came in the Mail?

Well, I call this style of light a Shower Head, because that's what those 51 LED lights look like. Of course it's really a flashlight and actually it's a Great Host! This is a 3AA Light.


It's an all Aluminum body light with a Side Switch!


Here's the components. I want you to look closely at this light and notice the comparison between a 2D Maglite and this one. The moment I looked at it, I figured the dimensions on the head and the body were just about exact, and that's how it turned out. The head is almost the same exact diameter of a Mag. The upper part of the body is almost the same ID and it's complete with an inside "C" ring, just like the Mag! It's a Host waiting to be a Mod and I'm not going to dissapoint it!

Look at this:


This is a DX 52mm "P7" reflector. It fits in the head of this light. The diameter is perfect, but the depth is off, due to the fact that this head is not as deep as a Mag 2D. It's close enough that I can make it fit like a glove! (with a little Love!).

Also, the body is close enough that I can use the same diameter Aluminum stock that I use in a MagLite. Now this stock is a tad small in a maglite and I have to use a copper shim in a Mag, but here It's just about a perfect fit!


The black piece is the original blank that the switch fit in. I will be using a different switch.

The reflector from DX has to have a little "trimming" on it, just as it would need for a Maglite, so here's a trick for protecting the inside of the reflector. Duct tape. I just lay it down on duct tape and cut around the edge and the reflector is protected while I file and sand on it.


Slap a piece on the emitter end too and you are good to go.

I have to say that this light "just showed up" at my mailbox! I did not order it. I have other things that "just show up" at my mailbox. Our mail carrier is a very nice (and good looking) lady. I think possible she has a crush on me and she is funneling flashlight parts into my mailbox..... Anyhow, I'm lovin it!

Ok, I'm off to work on this light. More Later...

Oh, one last thing. If you want to try one of these lights, here's a Link to them and here's Another.


If you look at the next post, there is some detailed info on head fit.

I fit the reflector to the head and I fit the heatsink to the body. The side switch style was done about as cheaply as possible. It uses a tail clicky and the clicky just sits on a shelf molded into the plastic "heatsink" (it's just the means for holding the switch, it does nothing as a heatsink).

Here's a photo of the original.



As I say, it's just plastic and it's purpose was to hold the switch in place.

I made an aluminum heatsink and I am incorporating the original switch.


Well after some modifications, of course. I will copy the metal parts with copper.

Here's the new heatsink with the shelf cut in it.


It isn't perfect like a machined part, but it's not too bad for a Hacksaw and some files. That's all I used to make it.

Here's a photo showing the finished head/reflector and the heatsink underneath. The spacing will be just about right for an XM-L on a star.

Carry on


Ok, I said this was close to a 2D maglite, well how close?

Let's take the head first. This is without the bezel on, just the head itself.


The head has two steps in the ID,

From the top of the head to the first step is 10.95mm deep and the Diameter here is 51mm

From the first step to the second step is 14.72mm and the ID here is 45.05mm

The second step is where the body threads start.

Height of Head is 35.97mm

The problem with a reflector for a Maglite is the Diameter of the reflector, since the Maglite is just a hair larger ID.

The reflector I have is a DX shallow reflector.

sku 1229

Remember there are two steps in this head, so there are two places where the reflector hits. It hits towards the bottom of the reflector on that last ring. It also hits on the top of the reflector on the top ring. I had to do some filing to remove the rings. Here's a photo.


You can see I removed the third ring closest to the small diameter of the reflector. That was to clear the second step. Then I removed material from the top ring to clear the top of the head. The result is that the reflector sits on top of the second step perfectly.


Here's the body dimensions

OAL is 103.34mm

Switch area is 34.57mm deep

Once you put the tailcap on, the "battery compartment space ends up being 62.9mm

The battery area ID is 31.6mm

So the battery area is not for a "D" sized battery.


when i read your title i thought 'ah his DD package has arrived! lol'.

then i saw your nick (we know you Old-Lumens ;) ) and thought 'dd? naahh. not him.'


This one should be fun to watch and easy fior u Mr. Mag Modder lol

Thanks for the links - they say this is an AA light, rather than AAA - is that the case ? If so, that's probably worth mentioning. Interesting that the same seller has the same light for sale at $1.50 more on amazon..... I was under the impression that Ebay fees were more onerous

Lots of folks Jonesing for the MCU C-88 - not a bad deal for this one at 1/3 of the price !

Good observation on the dimensional similarities to the Mag......does this mean that you can fashion your own "Fusion 51" Mag flooder upgrade with the unit you pulled ?

Yes it’s a 3AA light. From what I see, if anyone wants one they might want to get one, since at the LED Whosale sight, it doesn’t look like it’s one of their lineup any more. At least I didn’t see it in the LED section. They do make 6AA with 128 LEDs in it here.

I imagine Amazon is more expensive due to the higher costs. Amazon's cut is higher than eBay on some stuff.

It might be possible to do something with the 51 LED insert, but I don't think I would try it. The chrome plating is already coming off and I find that with many of these multi lights. It strips off just touching or flexing it, not like plating on aluminum.

Old-Lumens, that host is definitely giving me some ideas... Given the dimensions of the 3x AA holder, would it be possible to run this light from a single D-sized cell? I have my 3.6V Li-SOCL2 primaries I collect, and since you say this is about the same size as a D-cell mag, do you think these would be compatible with this host?

Battery Compartment

ID is 31.6mm

Length is 55.9mm Edit: I screwed the tail cap in and measured from the top down. The measurement is 62.9mm. Still short...

I think the ID is prohibitive without boring it out.

Could you let us know your final reflector dimensions? I just checked KD and they have several w/ very similar OD and different height.

Good thing my mail carrier isn't cute. I'd buy even more stuff

edit: in case anyone cares...the 128 LED light linked is BLUE!

This is something similar host what I used to my 66mm aspherical, but not exactly the same. Mine was 4xAAA as I remember, and maybe with a little bigger head than this.


That's the reflector I have and I will measure the dimensions when done.

More information in the main post, with photos and detailed information in post #1 about the head dimensions.

this is such a great idea that I"m going to have to redo mods where I should have done this and it didn't occur to me lol

thanks for the detailed measurements. this really is an outstanding host. I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Well I've hit a couple snags.

The clicky switch on this light is really bad and I will have to think of another flat switch, besides the rubber boot is bad too and it's a different style than the tailcap ones.

Another bad thing is that 3AA Battery Holder. It's just plain terrible. Connections are loose and the holder is just crap. One of the cheapest I've seen, so I have some figuring out with these issues. Between the switch and the holder I'm loosing a lot through resistance and bad connections.

Back to the drawing board...

I think I need a break.

Well after a few hours rest, I decided to do some measurements on the defunct switch. It's not a standard clicky. It is thinner than the others I see on DX, KD, Etc. It also has a smaller diameter clicker (button) and a smaller diameter button cover. It's totally non-standard. I will contact LED Wholesalers and see if they will send a new one. I do not want to use a standard clicky and have to drill out the button hole, but I may have to. If I do that, I will just use a Judco switch.

As far as the battery holder, it's not worth fixing. I'll have to look around for another. I may go to wally world and just look at the cheapie lights there and see if there are any 3AA. Sometimes those cheapies have decent holders in them. If not I imagine I will have to make one.

I'm sure I need a break now... Vacation! That sounds good. I haven't had one in 10 years now, maybe it's time.

ooooo... this'll fit the PTS-2 heatsink! Could use a 26650.

How is the aluminum thickness? Pretty substantial like the Saik 305 or is it thin?


It's thick enough. Barrel wall thickness is a little over 2mm.

I went ahead and ordered some Judco switches at Digikey. Probably needed some anyhow. Got a couple 10A & 5A along lock rings with the boots. Less than $10 bucks with shipping and it shipped same day. Don't have to wait 4 weeks for them.

I will probably make a battery holder for it and shorten the spring. Another project that's WIP.

Can you re-purpose a Mag switch ?

It's a possibility, but that would make the heatsink fairly short, so I discounted that thinking I would rather have the extra heat dissipation.

I tested it out and the Mag switch is too large. Enough so, that I don't think it could be made to fit.

The other shower head, the one from Home Depot, a mag switch fits right inside and the hole even lines up! I think someone had some ideas for that one. It also has the "C" ring in it! Here's the Link to it. It takes 4 AA batteries and has the head size that also takes Mag D style reflectors and lenses (52.6mm ID and 32mm depth with no step). It is a one piece head though, so the lens would have to be held in somehow. (I will be finding out). It's Another possibility, but it is much thinner aluminum.