A small gadget for riding

Following gadget is made by 3D printer,it can be fitted on some flashlights,for example ,convoy S2+.
It blocks some of the light to avoid glare to the opposite pedestrian.
I think I should use black meterial to make it .
Some guys said it’s ugly ,a bit like a toilet.

No picture ?
Also, Simon Mao ? Like, the Convoy Man ?

I bought a bike light that has a reflector that is cut off and the LED sits on top so you don’t get light above a certain height. It was random find at a hardware shop here i haven’t seen to many on the net.

Maybe you can make reflector similiar? Kind of U shaped?

sorry ,can be seen now?

You are totally right But this is meant to be a gadget that permits you to use a regular light as a bike-light without the risk of blinding other people on the road.
@simon: You are also right. In white it looks a bit like a toilet. But the “barrier” reflects some of the blocked light back on the road. If you make this gadget in black you need to add some reflective material under this barrier.

The white is fine. You could add a strip of aluminum foil to reflect the light if you wanted (I mean the buyer).

I like the idea its good! How long will it last before it wears out and is to loose to hold on? People will be prying them up and down to get it on and off. Most of my diffusser become lose after some time and i am not riding with them in the elements. I guess its cost vs robustness if they are cheap people can buy a few if they break no issues.

How about a aluminum one that is clamped on? Or a replacement bezel in this shape? (Just an idea)

radius the visor….

It does look like a toilet.
But it also looks like it works.

Cool build!

I agree. A nice radius would make it look nicer, and also help guard the light from side angle view while passing people.

I liked it.

Add a little flushing lever on the side. 8^)

Such a cool idea, it seems to work. Sometimes simplicity is the solution.
Would it be easier or even possible to just “hide” the top area of the lens instead of having the plastic go out this far? I have never tried this, just thinking out loud…

I think the idea is to NOT block outgoing light, but just keep it below a level where it would flash into oncoming people’s eyes.

Very nce. I just make a temporary tin foil hat to shape the glare when I use a flashlight on the bicycle.

most of the reflector lights with German StVo certification have the LED mounted not visible from the front so only the reflector shape defines the cut off, this is guranteed no light above a sharp cutoff

Basically this blocking of a bit spill wont do much and turning the light that much down gives you very few light at distances beyond 7-10m, so if something shows up you got a real problem breaking at fast speeds
if you want really a useful beam reaching out 25m or so you basically almost need to block half the reflector to get the hotspot lighing so far, and a horizon cutoff

That’s clever.

Might be better to make it in black, though - looking down at the glowing white bit could mess up the rider’s night vision.