A strobe probe...

Be honest. How many of you have used a strobe to disorient an assailant? How many of you have used a strobe for ANYTHING?

I’ve seen it used and have had it used on me in a training scenario.

I use strobe for marking my position in the roadsides (sometimes with cone diffusers, sometimes only the light pointing towards the ground in front or behind me), or when there’s some situation that I need to mark my position in a more confuse place.

Never used it to disorient someone, and I hope I don’t need that! :smiley:

It does seem to work on some people when there is a lot of motion. It seem to distort motion.

I use it while crossing the street at night. To be seen.

I've never used disco modes for anything.

I have never used it and I probably never will.

I think a strobe would be useful if you get lost out in the woods at night and are trying to make it easier for rescuers to spot you.

Other than that, I can’t think of much use for it.

Only when I have a rave for one.

Rather than strobe, I would prefer a feature that gave one blinding burst of light like a camera flash.

When I’m out walking on busy streets at night (which I sometimes do, as I park at the Trader Joe’s parking lot, then walk to Whole Foods for a few small items and enjoy the exercise), I will turn on my flashlight when crossing streets or in places where the sidewalk is a bit dark. But if I have to cross the main road, where people drive up to 50mph (30mph zone mind you). I turn on the strobe and face it downward. Works like a charm. Only remember one time where a car didn’t slow down one bit. Everyone else has though.