A stupendous sale "O" rama is in progress now. Be part of history.............

The top headlamp is a Black Diamond "Storm" in the color of octane. Fancy word for red/black. It is in a "like new" condition because it is too big for my head. Now I am selling the three Black Diamond Spot headlamps below for $50.00 (Price Increase) shipped to any Paypal address that is in the contiguous land mass of the USA. Please see this link:https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/59477/3

Some might say*%&%$%*he can take that price increase and #$@$#@"

I say why????

Because I will now include the the black diamond "storm" for free if you buy the "spots". All 4 headlamps will be carefully packaged and mailed to you for free if you just send me $50.00. Please consider the offer. No boxes, no manuals, no AAA batteries but hey most people would just throw that stuff out anyway. The headlamps are fully functional and 99% like new. You could show them to almost anyone and they would say "Thats a nice new headlamp you got there"


as far as I could tell the price one would pay for these (4) headlamps new is about $100 …… so great deal for someone who has 13 AAA cells :slight_smile:

The ship has sailed and the train has left the station. Sorry but this fantastic deal is no longer available .

One of those Black diamond Friday Sale O Rama's that you rarely see ....