A17DD-S08 Giveaway #3 TK Firmware (For a Bike)(CLOSED)

Here is Giveaway #3 :) i don't have much info on this driver but its for the use of a Bike Light Build its running ToyKeeper Firmware and has many modes for riding a bike at night

will use Randomorg.com and will end on Feb 8th at anytime

night time MTBer here but I don’t mod so wouldn’t know what to do w/ it unfor. Thanks for the giveaway.

I’m in!

Well u can use it in a flashlight but it will have modes of a bike light so it can be used for what ever u guys like :)

I’m in.

Thanks for your generosity. I’m in. Can you tell us exactly what the modes are? Just curious.

When i get back to the bench ill turn it on and check


I’m in, thanks!

i am in ,thanks

I’m in, thanks!

mtber here too, In for this great giveaway, you are very generous nitro

All In

Count me in.

Thank you

I got a Convoy M1 host and a XM-L2 U2 1D. All I need now is a good driver to give it a kick in the pants. I’m in.

Hu! Once more I M in

I’m in, thanks Nitro.

i’m in again

In, just in time :slight_smile:


Thanks for the giveaway, again

Cheers David