AA/14500 light for on a RC boat


As i’m a lil’ bit rusty on AA/14500 lights I ask your help in search of a good light for a friend to use on the front of his remote controlled boat.
These are the requirements:

25$ max
single AA
bright enough to see 5m (15feet) in front of RC boat
runtime less important as batteries can be replaced often
1 mode preferably otherwise High mode first or memory

Any suggestions?

balder se-1 it has become!

SK68 is the cheapest bet. And just run it on AA’s. Worst happens you buy another one.

Get 3 or 4 SK68s and set them on semi-flood (or full flood) for maximum coverage.
But if he drives the boat back towards him would the light blind him?

BUT, if you want waterproof (sticking the heads under water or something), then you want to go XML. Unfortunately I can’t recommend any, but the Balder se-1 is quite a hardy light. It’s a good choice if you pick it :slight_smile:

What scale is the RC? Is 70g (approx. 2.5oz) on the bow OK? That’s about how much the Balder SE1 weighs loaded. SK68 is more (surprisingly) at 82g.