AA AAA 3.7 volt lithium cells? what chemistry what max current?

I have been converting ga flashlight and need to fit AA sized lithium

Now i have seen these

that are shown as Li-SOCl2

they seem to be standby / trickle batteries though with very low discharge current? 70mA or so

I need at least 1 amp continuous, if not higher.

Any one know what sort of battery I should be looking for? preferably with a UK seller?
What lithium chemistry do I need to look for?



Same LiIon chemistry as in 18650, the AA size is called 14500.

Take you pick: http://lygte-info.dk/review/batteries2012/CommonSmallcomparator.php

You want something like this (unprotected, high capacity), or this (for extreme high discharges), or this (protected)

can not help you find a uk seller

also read this

NKON are in Amsterdam.Reliable,fast and low postage with better prices than UK in general.

Thanks for all the quick responses. thanks for the Nkon link.

I posted in haste really … i hsudl have done a better search first…sorry for being a lazy bugger

After posting I had found the Mountain Electronics page and did see them, but I know Richard is ‘closed’ at the moment as he is in the middle of his studies. I think the only way I can order from him is if he sells in complete flashlight. or at least a cheap host…pretty sure I read that some where and that would then only leave me with again empty hosts and no batteries.

I see these:


Are they just saying that to ’protect them selves as the cells are not protected? or os it because they too are only low discharge current cells too?

I have LV protection on the driver and don’t want protected cells. I was planning on running as 1s2p with an XML2 with 3 amp driver.

It’s their standard disclaimer in case you burn your house down :bigsmile: here is a comparison of several 14500 cells including the sanyo.BLF member HKJ doesn’t have a test of the Sanyo,but the Xtar and Efest are here ,also the keepower seems good.Flashaholics is a UK based shop,but as you see,more expensive.AW brand cells seem to have been surpassed,except in price :smiley: .Merry Christmas :santa:

That is great.
I have sent Flasholoics an e-mail to see if they knock off vat for Jersey orders.

Not liable for UK vat here in Jsy but many stores do still charge it, and higher postage fees too

Could I not use these? Nano tech LiPo?

slightly narrower diameter, and a bit longer…but no issue for the job I have in mind.

A pair of either of those in side the tube on this lamp

Ignore it. They’re just saying these things to cover themselves. I use these very same cells in my SC52. And they work fine. In fact, they are probably the best battery out there for that light! And they fit WAYYYYYY better than any protected cell will EVER fit. Thus far, the only issue I have had to deal with is comments about using pink batteries in my flashlight. Just keep in mind that they ARE unprotected, and take precautions. However, if your driver already has low voltage protection (and operates with a single cell), you use a decent quality charger, and you store them in cases so they can’t short, there is really NOTHING to worry about as far as using unprotected vs protected batteries.

One more thing. As far as discharge current, these are NOT high current cells. So they won’t do 5A (or probably even 3A). If you need that kind of current, go for an IMR. But if all you need is maybe 1.6A or less, the higher capacity of these cells is quite nice.

Batteryuniversity says:


and much else. Calculate the odds (these are very old numbers, I think) — a 1-in-200,000 chance of failure; millions sold.
Some failures expected — and whiie those occur inside a computer battery pack, the multiple levels of control built in should prevent a meltdown with flame.

So — they tell you not for use with flashlights, because there’s a small chance of a serious problem.

Like we say in earthquake country — it’s not IF the big one hits, it’s WHEN, and whether you’re there at the time.

Of course I do, check the Keeppower 840mAh cells, they are a protected version of the Sanyo cell.

I should say a couple of things here. Yes, there is a chance you could have a problem. But the Sanyo UR14500p is NOT some Ultrafire junk. It’s a quality cell. And the chances of having a problem are FAR less with even a naked UR14500p than some cheap, no-name piece of crap 14500. In fact, when you buy Li-Ion cells, one of the very first recommendations when it comes to avoiding problems is to ALWAYS buy quality cells.

Secondly, consider the aforementioned nail test. I’ve not tried it with one of my UR14500p cells. But if low energy density makes a cell safer, then the UR14500p has to be one of the safer cells out there. An 840mAH 14500 is roughly equivalent to a 1680mAH 18650 - not alot more than the 1350mAH cell that was okay with the nail puncture. Granted, it’s not going to be as safe as an Eneloop. But compared to other Li-Ion cells, the lower energy density certainly presents less danger than higher energy density cells.

Danger wise, I am not overly concerned with using LiPo.

A single Lipo cell going pop in a safe environment is a relative non-event. They puff, pop and vent but not often do they catch fire. In the early days of RC Lipo use there were many fires as the dangers were not so well known, but now with a few basic safety precautions I don’t worry unduly

On a daily basis I wrap my legs around a 20 Series 4 parallel 20Ah pack on my e-bike .

Since no one has brought up any other concerns regarding the Nano Tech round LiPo, I think I’ll buy a few to try.

Here is my e-bike pack

got a link for how you built it?

The whole bike or just the pack?

I have the same username over at endless sphere forums

The pack is 8 packs of 10 series 5 Ah LiPo, in two sub packs of 10s4p,
Controller is cheap Lyen 18 MOSFET controller using IRFB4110’s
Input current limited to 120 amp peak.
Motor is Crystalyte 5304.

Cycle Analyst v2.2 display unit
Cruise control
Current and speed limit 3 way switches

Here is one rebuild after I snapped the axle

I should have known better.At least I said”Also the Keeppower looks good”

Not at all.

it is always good to warn people about lithium danger. I happen to know how dangerous they potentially can be , over much testing / abuse of lipo pouch cells.

But many many others will not have a clue…despite the multitude of warnings, so always good to state the fact again.

Here is a pouch cell I charged to over 5 volts and 25 amps charge current,

it vents a bit and then to get it to burn I have to hit it.

Really poor quality iPhone video with lots of background noise.