AA batteries and charger


Not a great deal but a nice charger to have

I've seen these come with duraloops or with regular rechargables so that part is a crap shoot unless you ask the seller

The lowest i've ever seen these for is 10$ from a schloop/ woot type deal . I missed out on that one and wanted them..so .I think I paid 15 for one and 13$ for a couple more

The cef23 charger is discontinued but much beloved and it has a usb port as well as the ability to use 12volts /DC in the side

**** I have no affiliation or knowledge of the vendor ..nor am I suggesting this particular seller ..i just like the charger and the duraloops are a bonus . (if indeed they are loops )***

I just grabbed one of these last weekend (Sony) and a 4 pack of eneloops.

The charger gets decent marks and supposedly the Sony cells are mfg'd by sanyo: