AA driver voltage question

I’ve ran out of drivers to mod but recently I’ve made a change by ripping off a boost driver from a single AA phone charger

With my testing it’s 4.8-5.2V depending on alkalines or eneloops.

but when testing it with a Cree XTE it seems to be a brighter output than using 7880 driver that claims 800ma output. (I don’t know the output of the volt but it shouldn’t be 5v)

what are your opinions? Anyone knows any math about this?

I’ve yet to fit this boost driver in a flashlight due to its massive 18mm diameter but careful filing I should be able to fit one in

(plus I was kinda lazy these days to mod so I decided to ask)

can you post a picture of the driver showing the working bits?

Here’s some pics

Sorry for too many pics but I’m trying to show what’s hidden. Had to use extra light to get the camera focused without blurring with slow shutter

Well it gets my cree xt-e heating up with alkalines real close to driving it with 14500 but not as bright as 14500.
I’m not too sure if I’m attempting it as it may be excessive heat rather than lumens
But one thing for sure it’s brighter than standard AA drivers

Did you measure the current going to the LED?

fluctuates a lot, but it bounces around 200 to 300 mA both xpe and xml

totally forgot to put the amp readings on.

very safe readings if I assume. It definitely makes xpe heats up with heatsink while xml stays warm even without heatsink

most importantly the xpe that used to be purple white tint with a 14500 stays warmer white with an alkaline boosted to 5v.

(yet to test with my other xte I was planning. Totally got offtrack somehow lol)

I recently measured what amps an XM-L led receives coming from all the discarded boost drivers (from cheap budget lights) in my junk box, and they all deliver around 300mA.