AA to 26650 converters...

I am looking for a good 3*AA to 26650 converter for a light that uses a single battery. I see there are many out there and I am hoping that some of you here have experience with them and can suggest one that will hold up. I would be looking for it in a 3S configuration.

Thanks Matt

I don’t know of any…. Normally 3 AA adapters are 32650 (“D”) Sized. Do you mean AAA?

Well crap, 3*AAA would be darn little runtime behind a 105C. I am not sure that would be worth the effort.


I have a few different styles of AA adapters, the smallest of which is 30mm. I also tried just fitting the batteries themselves in a 26650 tube, and it didn’t work.

I just made the same mistake thinking 3xAA would fit 26650. I was all set to go too.
Too bad since I have three really really nice AA battery carriers. Probably the nicest I’ve seen.

If you really want a 3 AA host, the Convoy X3 is one of the best

woudl definitely have to use a 3-AAA cell holder to fit a 26650. 3-AA bsteries together takes up the space of a 32650, as the Lumintop SD10 does with its 3-AA or 4-AA carrier and 32650 capability.

The carriers I have are for an X3. Not the crappy plastic ones you mostly get with the X3s, but really nice ones. The X3s that Hank at IOS used to sell came with them. He sold me a few.

You can calculate the diameter of a circle that contains 3 smaller circles. Unfortunately I am not capable of writing a square root in this format. But the result of the calculation is: D_big = D_small x 2,1547. So 3 AAA cells (diam. 10.5 mm) fit in a circle with a diameter of 22.62 mm and 3 AA cells (diam. 14.5 mm) in a circle of 31.24 mm.

4*AAA holder from fasttech?

Much easier to let a computer do the math :wink:

Cheers David

Sure, but I date back to the time when I had to estimate/calculate these values wit only a ruler and a drafting compass. And sometimes a logarithmic table. BTW, in this forum we are talking about drilling, filing and soldering of objects that also can be made in a factory filled with robots and CNC-equipment.