About to buy the Rook, alternative suggestions?

So I want a new light, but don’t want to spend more than $20… maybe $5 more. I’m thinking about the rook because of it’s size and output… but that’s secondary… it’s mainly the price. I want something built like a tank. Something with a few output modes… maybe a nice high of over 500 lumens… but a good moonlight low of a few lumens or less. It can NOT have next mode memory (preferably mode memory). I’d also like it more neutral on the color spectrum. Also it can’t be huge…. not a whole lot bigger than the sky ray king. I have the king, a sipik, an EA4W, a HD defiant…

So try to stick within my narrow fields… PRICE and No NEXT mode memory are the big qualifications… also not too blue a tint.

Ok suggest away.

Again, these are all loose qualifications… post links within the same price range. There are no wrong answers… I’ll decide tomorrow evening.

less than $20 but bright. must a 18650 with XML. maybe you can see this UF2100 or Clone of Shadow JM07Pro







Damn, I just pulled the trigger on a couple Rooks. I like some of the above lights better. That Clone of Shadow JM07Pro looks real interesting.

Good luck on your decision.

So far this one looks nicest.

Thanks for the suggestions so far guys.

It wasn’t clear and I don’t trust a listing entirely… do you own this? Does it have next mode?

Basically I’m giving myself 24 hours from the post I made yesterday. Also I have about a half a dozen zoomies… I guess I should have said I don’t need any more. Anyway the shadow clone looks the most promising to me. Looks well built and unbreakable and it also might have a decent throw.

I am still open to suggestions… and thanks to all those so far.

The rook is just an incredibly well built light. It has one of the smoothest beam profiles of all of my lights. It’s not the brightest of all my lights but it is no slouch either. On high it’s very bright with a nice combination of flood and throw. Although I don’t see why you would want one when you already have the EA4W which is a little better light. I guess if you are like me and have a ton of 14500’s you might prefer it to the EA4W. But I think they are really two peas in a pod. Now frankly if I didn’t have either I would buy the rook from WB for $20. That is a steal.

If you just want a light that puts out a ton of light for $20 buy the C12 XM-L2 from lightmalls. It is a lot brighter than a rook at least they are when I compare mine. It’s the brightest light including flood and throw in that price range. But it’s 5 modes and nothing fancy just a little brute.

A great light for the money is the Xiaozhi from fancy flashlights. Spend the extra two bucks and get the neutral for $18 you get the best light in it’s class. Three modes hidden stobes if you like them. It’s a great pocket light, very bright, decent low, great tint. I would say it’s a must own for any flashaholic.

I own the UF2100. it has memory with reverse click. the memory will work after about 2 second the light on in certain mode before turned off. so, next time turn on will be on the same mode just before turned off.

I also agree with 18sixfifty, C8 or C12 is the best price vs performance ratio.
lots of light and decent throw and sufficient spill.

Do you think the quality is about the same as the convoy s2/s3? Looks pretty good though!

Did some research and it looks like the c8 seems to be the better one… I’ll keep it in mind.

I don’t own the S2/S3 but from what I have read yes it’s as good. I don’t actually see how they could make it higher quality. Gold connections I guess.

Cool, thanks for the info.

I own both the s2 and the xiaozhi .. or what they are now calling the convoy s6... i like the s6 better but they are both nice lights when you add a 4c or a 5c tint.....hard to beat them in that class .

on the other hand the rook is hard to pass up at 20$ too

buy both


Ok, at the suggestion of a Xiaozhi, and upon hearing the S6 from Fasttech is the same light I purchased this one.


I currently carry a Sipik 68 in my suit pocket at work, so this looks like it will replace it nicely. Thanks for the enabling err… help guys! No rook, sorry.

Glad to hear you skipped the Shadow JM07 clone (due to your requirements). I have it from DX and am currently working up a review. Here's my original post which has some "first impressions" toward the end. It's a very cool (cold) white and has that terrible next mode memory which didn't even reset after sitting for 20 minutes (not sure if it ever resets as I didn't test any longer), and didn't have any thermal paste under the emitter. On the plus side it is a decent build quality, has a good solid feel, and very good heat management. It's a good mod host, but needs attention right out of the box - at least my sample did.

Hopefully that tailcap in the S6 has been revised from my Xiaozhi version! I get so frustrated with mine that I'm about to throw it out the window!


That’s a nice light. Don’t let your significant other get their hands on it. My wife confiscated mine and now if I want to use it I have to “borrow it”.

Actually, I looked at everyone’s suggestions here and cross referenced them with threads here and on that other site. After reading your thread about the clone, it was an instant “No.” So thanks for that.

I may do a mini review of the S6 here once I get it, since I haven’t seen a review of it yet. Unfortunately I do not have a multimeter that can handle tailcap readings, so I’ll have to defer to Fasttech on their specs and assume their reliable on the convoy line.

To be honest, she’s happy with the 2AA maglite LED (it was on special for $6.xx at Target a month or two ago) with Duraloops that I left in her car- she doesn’t seem to have much use for lights. That and I’m trying to fly my modest collection under the radar. I don’t feel like trying to answer… why do you have a dozen flashlights?

“Because I don’t have a good answer! That’s why!”

I have the Sky Eye F13 from DX in hand, review pending. Not bad, doesn’t hit it out of the park. Good build quality, cheap driver.

Ugh! Now the race is on! I haven't taken any tailcap readings yet (picking up a new meter in 15 minutes actually), have you? And did yours have thermal paste under the emitter or was it bare like mine?


I think you are ahead of me :wink: haven’t gotten that far yet, didn’t check under the emitter.
Edit: 3.2A on a Pana protected 2900mAh. not bad. Next mode memory though; like I said, cheap driver.