AC Delco AAA Baterries is selling AC Delco alkaline batteries AA, AAA

AC Delco batteries

Are these any good?
I don’t think or know if these batteries are “top shelf” Like Duracells.

After shipping and taxes (to me in US) the AAA in 100 pack are $.26 each.

I have some of these cells, and they leak right in the pack.
Saves time.


I kind of figured they were iffy at best

I was a district sales and service manager for ACDelco a few years back, and most of that small stuff is just junk with delco wrappers on it.

exactly what i figured.

I bought a blisterpack of 20 in AA size at a discount store about a year ago. About 20% were dead or nearly so, the others gave marginal performance. Some of those I pulled half-dead to save for less important use leaked in storage. Not a good deal even if you get them free.


It used to be ACDelco just outsourced to Mexico but now pretty much of ACDelco products are outsourced to China now. I just wonder what products are INSOURCED other than their starters and alternators? Now I know why there are so many private for profit prisons.

They also have alkaline.