Access Denied Error (resolved)

Not sure if anyone has experienced this following error for this forum?

"Access Denied.
Access control configuration prevents your request from being allowed at this time. Please contact your service provider if you feel this is incorrect."

I was presented with this message after browsing for 3-4 pages on my desktop (fibre network). However, I am able to browse through the forum on mobile without issue.

Someone mentioned that it could be due to Squid proxy setup? This is my first time getting such message in BLF.

Sounds like a DNS error. Can you try using another DNS provider like Cloudflare (

Could be a firewall rule. What ISP are you using?

Strange, i have problem getting quote button to work too.

Everything seems to be normal after running VPN for a moment. Glad the issue got resolved by itself, now back to work!

Same issue for a couple hours today. It fixed itself somehow.

That doesn’t sound like an error generated by BLF. Could you possibly screenshot it if it happens again? Thanks.

Turning on VPN seems to have solved it . It happened on another site so probably my problem. Never had it happen before today. Strange I am not the only one here.

It sounds like your ISP is using Squid as a proxy cache so as to reduce load and bandwidth for their infrastructure, and it looks like they have something misconfigured. In other words, they are throwing an error before you ever hit the BLF server. And your VPN bypasses their proxy cache, or in the case of mobile data you’re using a different provider that doesn’t have this bug. If you want you can PM me the name of your ISP and I can contact them about their problem.