Acebeam L30 New Weapons-mountable Flashlight with Max 4000lms

There’s a new sheriff in town! Acebeam’s dazzling new L30 provides an unprecedented blast of 4,000 lumens from a weapons-mountable flashlight! Equipped with the very latest CREE XHP 70.2 chip and the micro USB direct charging system. Acebeam L30 work by both 18650 or 20700 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Optional remote pressure switch and range of filters make it an ideal companion for any kind of weapon. :wink: :wink:

Pls keep attention for more specifications through our official website: .

Very nice acebeam, I Would like to know:

1. What’s the highest output limited by thermal step down?
2. Is the tint shift same as bad as other XHP70 lights, with yellow/greenish spot?

looking forward to the L30! Compatibility with the 20700 is definitely welcome, I hope it is also compatible with the 21700 battery.

about time manufacturer support 20700 or 21700 format. nice

Nice how much ?


1.) runtimegraphs with cooling:
@ 4000 lm (Turbo)

Stepdown at 5 minutes to 83 % with shutdown after 23 minutes

@ 2000 lm (High)

no stepdown and shutdown after 57 minutes

The L30 has battery warning, discharge limit is 2,95 V
USB-charging with 2 amps.

2.) yes, the L30 has slightly tint shifts. Not perfect but o.k.
I tried a diffuser foil:

This is an interesting looking light. I may be blind, but I cannot find any Lux data on your website.
However, I did notice the working voltage goes up to 8.4. Does this mean we can run to 18350s in series, inside a tube of course? If so, how would that affect the output?

Wow probably the brightest stock single cell light available.

  • around 35.000 lux

- you can run 18350 / 16340 / CR123A too, indeed. But this is only for emergency i think.
The L30 draws 10 amps or more from the single 20700. There will be no benefit to use two cells with ridiculous capacity instead.
In theory the L30 would draw 5 amps from the smaller cells. Within a few seconds the cells would be drained to a lower level.

But Acebeam has chosen a more practicable solution. Anyway it makes no sense to draw such high current from small cells Acebeam limits the current to 1,6 amps.
So the L30 offers ~1200 lumens with 2x CR123A.

Going from a 1 lumen firefly mode to 200 lumen low mode is a large jump.
I would have preferred something more like: 1, 40, 400, 1800, 4000

How does the UI work?

Does it have parasitic drain and if so, how much?

thank you.

Could we get a GB started for the X80 or something?

please look at the [review]( german language) for more informations

As you know the L30 is not designed as a small pocket edc but more as a tactical light. Although the jump from 1 to 200 lumens is not too much in my opinion.
It is usable for every day purposes too.

UI in short:

  • you can use the side switch only if you prefer a side clicky. Short press for on and off (with memory), keep pressing for ramping from low to high. Double click for turbo, triple click for strobe. From off keep pressing the switch for firefly.

- you can run the light additional or only with tailcap clicky too. But this switch offers turbo and off only.
If you want to use the L30 for tactical purposes only or if you want to prevent undesired activation, you can lock out the side switch electronically: from off press longer than 3 seconds.

Parasitic drain is hard to measure because of the special battery tube. There are two tubes in one for separate electric contact (one for the tailcap clicky, one for the side switch). Perhaps one of the participants of the passaround could measure parasitic drain.

thank you for the info on the UI. The beamshots for comparing brightness are great! I appreciate your help very much!

Wow! To be able to run for 57 minutes @ 2000 lumens for a single cell light is impressive. :THUMBS-UP:

Is that w/ an 18650 or 20700 or both?! I can not imagine an 18650 could do that, must be the 20700.

It is the 20700. I missed it the first time!