Acebeam sending mail to my personal email address.

Got a similar mail from Manker (also clearance sale/review), but none from Acebeam. Might be coincidence.

Got the exact same PM from Cora of Acebeam this morning, I can also confirm that it was lifted from payment information.

As long as it stays withing Acebeam, I’m ok, it’s when it goes viral to other vendors that I would get upset.

offers a free email address good for only 10 minutes, long enough for a website to get you to “verify” it. Then it evaporates.

Or, use one of the free email services or a paid service (I like Sneakemail) to have a unique email address for every contact you make.

Then as noted above, you can tell who leaks it, and you can cancel it so whoever’s spamming it just gets bounces.

Yeah, I know, “reply by ICBM” is the option I really want for spammers, but it’s not available until we recognize spammers as terrorists.

Another thing you should, or could do is signing up with a Gmail address and add the site name where you sign up for. You need to add a Plus + symbol behind your name, succeeded by the name of the site you sign up for, and before the @ mark.

For example:

This only works for gmail though.

You can add the name of the website behind the + symbol, and all emails will be delivered to your email box

SO you can have: ,,,

If any of these vendors sell your email address, you should be able to see WHO sold your email address since you added their site name to your email address.

This is a nice trick!

Nice trick indeed. Thanks

I just tried the + trick but 2 out of 3 pages wouldn’t allow the + sign as part of the address

I just use email accounts I create strictly for shopping/registering/etc so it doesn’t bother me when spam/offers get sent to them.

How about write a stern post online, and then block incoming mail from that address?

Sometimes I can’t believe that generations of people alive right now lived through having their name, address and phone number published publicly. Not sure when their feelings shifted so much.

When vendors started offering slightly better prices in exchange for their soul.

When that information was spread farther and wider than any generations before had ever experienced.

It used to be quite expensive to copy info out of phone books, transfer it to paper, stick it on junk mail and pay postage to deliver it to people.

The problem isn’t that the information became available.
The problem is that it became dirt cheap to use it, leading to a vast proliferation of junk mail.

Cheaper than dirt, really.

Equifax breach and others have put out a lot worse than that. My college alumni magazine once printed mailing labels with Social Security #s on them. Yahoo, Target, etc., the list goes on.

I have a domain registered through Google, that I use as an email forward. Anything that gets sent to anything gets forwarded to an email address I use.

This way if I am asked for an email address somewhere, I can make one up off the top of my head, or usually the name of the company asking for my email, and I can see when that email address gets shared.

For example, I signed up at Neal’s Gadgets with an email address of ng@ whatever my domain, and noticed that I’m getting emails from Indigo Temple to that address. Never used it anywhere else.

Up until last year the US government would send out Medicare information with your Social Security number and DOB on it in many cases. Yeap really secure there.

The reasons not to buy from Neal’s Gadgets just keep growing by the day.

they need to stop doing this.

Only after you send pictures and then a video of the problem.

Oooohhhhh I will sure send them a video worth 10 BG.

Life Pro-tip: Dispute EVERYTHING you can on your credit report. There are many circumstances that will get items removed if you dispute them, but employees of credit agencies are not allowed to inform you of these conditions.

Equifax is probably the worst company/organization I have or will ever deal with in my life. Getting a certain verification number off my credit report from them, just to file a dispute took months.

I still think I only got resolution because whoever I finally spoke to on the phone was competent and had empathy for me.

I challenge anyone to find a single person who has been able to get their free online credit report from them, which is everyone’s right under federal law. They are scamming people into paying or waiting weeks or more for a mailed form (which didn’t even include the number Equifax said it would, and which I needed to file the dispute). Debt collection agencies are almost as bad, the one I filed a claim against said they had definitive proof of my debt but never provided me with that evidence and lost the dispute within a week of filing. A medical debt which was supposedly from when I was still a minor and they never contacted me to try and collect :person_facepalming:

Genuine question, what is the practical difference?